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A new way to donate

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So I've been playing on this server for over 5 years now, and many things have changed. What I'm going to be touching on here regards permissions and donations/ranks. For a while, JRCraft gave all members the ability to set warps. Now only premium members can set warps. Many people (including me) have and are creating communities, cities, creations, and shops that they want to share with everyone else. While I think that the ability to set warps is fine in the hands of a donator, I think that there should be a new rank. There should be a rank that is a one time donation that gives the set warp permission with maybe a few others as well. I, for one, would be very interested in donating to a server that's had such an impact on me, however, I'm looking for a more affordable way to donate to the server whilst also receiving perks. Overall, my suggestion is that there should be a new rank, purchasable through a one time payment, that gives more permissions including setting warps. 


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