Ark servers the volcano and shigoislands

Server Resource Saving  

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This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. Are you happy about shigoislands being disabled?

    • Yes no one played it
    • No, I was playing on that server
  2. 2. Would you be happy about the volcano being disabled?

    • Yes, I don't play it
    • No, Please keep it I'm playing on it!
  3. 3. Would you like a server that changes map every month?

    • Yes, Great idea
    • No, waste of resources

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Hey guys, 

Due to our promise of keeping quality servers online without lag, to reduce the strain on our server so other servers can perform better we have disabled and removed from our server list Shigoislands.

This decision was due to the server not being very popular and it was using quite a bit of resources (CPU/RAM) while idle. 

Now I have a question for you all, are you happy about this? 

We are looking to switch off another server, our bet is the volcano to save even more resources and keep things running a bit smoother. We are not getting a lot of people visiting the volcano and this is why I'm asking would you be happy if we removed it?

What about new maps/ideas?

We are playing around with the idea of a server that we bring a new map on every month that would have only 10 slots max and having it reset so users can try out new maps and if it becomes popular we can move it to a live server.

This will be done in time. 


Please discuss this topic here, Thanks guys!

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Had to vote something on the last one to vote on the others. I wouldn't mind a server that changes map and could be pvp! That actually sounds cool. I wouldn't have voted on that one but had to to get my other votes through :)

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Do think I have mentioned something along this lines recently ;)


And must add something to my thoughts here.Have a "permanent" cluster of 2-3 maps. Add a tryout map that changes every month or 2. Have a poll to keep or cycle the maps at the same time intervall. And make sure the poll is changed to a minimum of voting players. Right now we have roughly 6-7 players that decide as a "community". 1 changes from time to time cause it is the one suggesting.


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Honestly i wanted to suggest that 1 month server for so long... Like i played rust for while and works fine the mentality of lil cycles of life (spawn, survive, kill, grind, kill, build, kill, thrive, restart again)... is always chalenging and fresh.
PS: if u think i forgot to include die on that cycle list its cuz u realy dk the obvious about rust... or ark for that mather lol

And lets be honest here... no one realy stay on the same server for more than a month anyway, ik i dont. So that would be the fresh and attractive thing ever. Although no pegos and Ichty to f*** our days would be great too lol...
And changing maps every month... guys cmom... thats an great idea
Oh wait... PvP right? and No ARk data download please...
Since we r growing a community would be good to keep things "homely" at start? i mean this month cycle server should be whitelisted right? no? Why not?


PS: som

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We have closed the Poll due to the majority of users agreeing.

We have disabled the Volcano, we can always put this on at any stage if needed.

As for the new server with a different map each month this will be released after we have our new server in place :D 

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