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Iceworm queen / artifact of the devourer

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Hey guys!

Got 2 situations to report that should be fixed.

First is the Iceworm Queen not spawning. I digged a bit in google but got no answers. Some ppl say it's not in the game yet, others say the spawn in random, and others say it has to do with mods but found no details on which mod can be causing this.

Second is the area where you obtain the artifact of the devourer which is needed to enter the Megapithecus arena. It is totally crowded with Tusotheutis. Not sure if it's supposed to be like this or if it's a spawn bug.

Can you check this out? I'll try to dig more on the Iceworm Queen and provide feedback if I find some usefull info.

Thanks in advance,


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I'll look in to this. Overspawn could be a small bug or something. Should be easy enough to fix.

 As for the Iceworm Queen I'm asking ragnarok devs to see what they say.

- Jamie

Found out some info. Will be fixed in the new official update :)https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eEwqPLl4NxeZkW2VJkmTD-ECDedCftd9kCpA4ZpCoJg/edit

- Jamie

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