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Hey all,

I'd like to suggest 2 mods that i think are awesome for PvE servers and will let us build incredible bases.

The 1st one is "Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture" and as the name states, let's you build pretty awesome castles and medieval stuff (link below).

The 2nd one is "eco's Tek Decor" which mainly has awesome new high-tech skins for a lot of stuff like the refrigerator, generator, etc and a lot more awesome decorative stuff. (link below)

Since i'm aware we already have a lot of mods, i'll also suggest dropping two of them which are big mods and i don't see many people using, if any.

- MRRadTools (the amount of stuff needed to make a Gauss Rifle really disencouraged me to even try, so please tell me if it's worth the effort)

- LC Tent Tier (who wants to camp when you can build a castle? :) it doesn't even have marshmallow skins for the pike...)

This exchange would even the quantity and size of mods providing players the ability to build awesome bases.


Give me some feedback on what you think guys!

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