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Stargate worlds - the mod you didn't realise you were missing!

Do you think this mod should be added to our servers?  

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First things first link to the mod:

Stargate Worlds, adds Stargates to the game. What are Stargates? They are big rings made of a fictional element called Naquadah which channel energy to open wormholes to other stargates across the galaxy, with enough power they can create stable connections to other galaxies.  

In this mod they allow for transportation across the map, admins are able to create public gates so if you want people to visit an area they easily can. Stargates are essentially a cheaper version of the teleporter and can be placed on platform saddles if the correct one is crafted.

This mod also adds transportation rings (rings) which are basically elevators but without the hassle. You have two points vertically, you place one set of rings at the bottom and one set of rings at the top. Then you can teleport between the two spots with ease. 

It also adds "Puddle Jumpers", which are fairly difficult to get. They are flying vehicles (which can go underwater fine), they can carry up to 10 survivors and can go pretty fast. They can't do any damage to anything so they aren't too overpowered.

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Just been doing some testing. Seems you can transport whatever you want through the gates and rings provided there is enough space on the other side :). Seems the rings can transport you horizontally and vertically at the same time. Although the horizontal range seems to be limited

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