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    • We do have a command to check homes /homelist all as one word. If you don't have permission to use the command I can add them Edit: As I forgot to add earlier we are looking into adding a premium/minecraft donator only server which maybe modded however we need to look at how we would be able to sync ranks with the forum like we do on the main servers
    • I remember when jr used to have sky block and that could be a nice thing to have again or something like op prison, I have always been a fan of that but also having a shop in survival would be nice because we do have a money system in place which I do like that system and have used it although it does have a cap on what you can earn during a specific time, I do like the system but it’s really in place for nothing because there is no shop. But with the new update it can get revamped because this next update is so huge
    • I don't need premium either, but a cool feature that most of our group on creative or even on survival might want is a plugin that adds the ability to sit on stairs. Another suggestion is making chest shops more common in survival, possibly by making them easy to create for all members. Lastly, like Qwerty said, maybe a new server could serve well, such as prison, factions, skyblock/skygrid, or maybe even a modpack.
    • In the past few months I've had issues with my realsense camera from working correctly with windows hello, I've tried installing the drivers manually from the Acer website, from the intel website. But since windows creators edition it completely broke. Now I've fixed it as a freak kinda accident, So I said I'd post my method online as I was looking for help with this and not even Acer could properly provide support (as I was out of warranty).. I was updating a different driver using iObits driver booster and it actually worked. I haven't had much hope for it but to be honest I'd recommend it after this.  You don't need the Pro one, I used the free one and it installed the correct driver: https://www.iobit.com/en/driver-booster.php Try it out, if this helped you fix it, drop a like or a comment. It's actually quite simple to use.. If it didn't work send me a picture of your device manager and we can try and work it out :) Just to prove this does work here is a screenshot of my device manager with the installed drivers: 
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