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    • Hello Everyone! First of all I'd like to thank Jamie and the rest of the staff for this opportunity and their support. I'd like to start off by saying that if anyone ever needs help with anything or sees me online, feel free to introduce yourself. I don't mind the company at all. Now to get to the point, I plan to start creating events on a regular basis where the winner gets to be rewarded. I can assure you that the reward will be decent and something useful, but most importantly, my aim is to make the events relaxing yet fun, where we can all just join a server have a laugh, joke around and make the best of the time we'd have during that event.  Keep in mind that in order to get this going I will need as much feedback as possible. So I'm going to ask you to let me know which server you'd like to see an event happen on. Any ideas will also be welcomed and appreciated. I currently have some plans for events on both Conan Exiles & Ark however if anyone is more interested to see events on other servers please let me know so that we can start working on them and get this going on, With your feedback and support I'll be doing my best to get an event happening once every week if possible. Also for those interested, I'll probably be recording/streaming the events in case anyone misses the events and would like to see what happened.   Thank you & hope to see you guys in game soon!
    • I have now readded the configs and the servers should now be coming up as normal now, I have reverted the map backup on the servers and they should now have everything working again.
    • Great job guys, thanks! 💪🏻
    • Hey all,  I just wanted to make a short post to update you all that although it may seem that most items have been lost in ARK, don't worry! we're currently working to resolve this.  It seems that following from the recent Ark update, all server configurations have been wiped. However, we do have backups and will be reloading these later this evening. Until then, the server has been closed.   Sorry for the inconvenience which this has caused and we'll update you once this has been resolved!
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