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Fallout 4


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An amazing game by an equally amazing team! Loads of enemies, choosing your ending and lovable characters. What more would you want from a fallout game? The Brotherhood Of Steel with their massive prydwen and guns. The Institute, hidden underground stalking and taking people...The Railroad, delusionally trying to give Institute Synths real lives. And the minutemen, the group willing to help anyone no matter what. Although there is the bad things. AI mapping is incredibly off sometimes, can be incredibly buggy. Also ruined by the cash grab that was creation club. But all of that aside a great game that I would fully recommend to anyone!

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21 hours ago, Jamie said:

What is this supposed creation club about?

It's a way for mod authors to get paid with Bethesda taking a cut too. Not sure how much they take, but they are generally regarded as crappy mods. Think there are also free mods you can get as well for consoles through creation club but better mods are available on the Nexus.


I see it as a game of wasted potential really and bethesda's usual attitude of letting the community doing the bug fixing for them which is a right pain. Also some of the graphics from a distance look absolutely terrible even on Ultra. It's an okay game, I can play it and enjoy it. But it definitely isn't their best game ever released

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  • 2 years later...

I know I'm 2 years late 😄

I have to say I played it a couple of years ago and loved this game, a lot of hours of fun.

But yeah, graphics are really buggy, mainly missing textures and NPC's doing weird stuff.


Like this guy who was sliding with his arms up and decided to go for a walk under the ground while I followed him from above. 😆

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