Abberation mod

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DLC, no, its only needed to play the actual map, the data is on your pc (remember that massive 8gb update when aberration came out, that was it).

You need to do a wild dino wipe, that's it.


That's the answer I got from the steam mod : Cross Aberration. Would be suuuuper cool if we could get it added to the servers :-)

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as I said before, I'm for,
but the problem is that you have to find mod that will go on the 4 map at the same time
so this mod only affects the maps except aberration,
it does not make it easy to manage servers to add to one, only to all

finally what can I understand about how the management works here =)

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I have decided against a trial with this for the mean time.


I was ready for the installation, but then decided against it due to the comments of causing server crashes every hour and not allowing normal dinos to spawn as well.

I will follow this up again in the next day or so to check if the bugs are fixed. If fixed we will trial this on Ragnarok.

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