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Most hated game?

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We all have our favourite games but something you don't see people discuss is the game you despised. That ONE game that was easy to despise in every way possible. Whether it was buggy, badly written or anything inbetween we had our reasons. My personal hatred would have to be "stranded deep". When it first came out it was an interesting survival game with some strange mechanics. But slowly people began to realise the game was as bad as the developers. The updates were small and pointless, they ignored all the things people requested and criticised and the once interesting aspects became tedious and hated. Also, this might seem petty but, the devs type up their pointless updates in all caps. Anyway, hate away!

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When I was younger, I came across this game called "Chicken sisters". A game against KFC showing *violent* content. I wouldn't say it's a game that I hate, but it really affected me as a child and I kinda regret playing it. The things that were said and pictures that were shown.. Quite a mouthful for a little girl haha xD To this day, I've never ever tried KFC nor will ever step into that place. All because of that game haha. 

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