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Even more scp talk...

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Yes, it is time for more SCPs! Hoping at least some people still care about it, but either way I like talking about it. SO, following the same routine as I use for these discussions I will probably end up talking about 2 or 3 SCPs  that I take an interest in personally and hopefully you, the reader will as well! So far we have discussed: 682, 173, 079, 1678 and 096. 

My first SCP of this topic will be SCP-049 or the "Plague Doctor". Object Class: Euclid. SCP-049 is a being that takes the shape of a black death era plague doctor. Wearing a crow mask and a long black leather robe. On closer inspection, it is revealed that the robe is part of the entities skin. It's behaviour and nature is very abnormal compared to other SCPs. The plague doctor's touch is incredibly lethal killing any living thing that comes into contact with it. Soon after a creature is killed (usually humanely) the doctor will proceed to inject many different chemicals including [REDACTED]. After this procedure is completed the corpse will begin to reanimate with only basic brain function. It will begin to wander aimlessly until it finds another organic creature to turn in to the doctor. 049 is to be contained in a secure holding cell in Research Sector [REDACTED] of the site [REDACTED]. During one transfer between testing and the holding cell 049 randomly began to speak coherently in very good English. The doctor was carrying a handheld microphone that they used to record the conversation.

SCP-049: “What is this place?”
Dr. ████: “What? It’s a labo…” [There is a loud crash here, from Doctor ████ dropping the recording device in shock.]
SCP-049: “A laboratory? It is quite marvellous. I now find it no wonder I’ve seen so few victims of the disease in here.”
Dr. ████: “Y…eah. You see, I'd thought you incapable of speech. I’m somewhat startled you, um, can.”
SCP-049: “Oh, my, yes, good sir. I simply prefer not to. Most victims of the disease are quite melancholy and do not react at all well to conversation. I have seen you several times now, and have not detected the disease in you, therefore I assume you are also a doctor?”
Dr. ████: “Yes, actually. Call me [REDACTED]… but, what ‘disease’ are you talking about?”
SCP-049: “Why, good doctor, the Great Pestilence. What else?”
Dr. ████: “Great pesti… Oh, the Plague. Should have seen that coming. But, no one here is infected, I can assure you.”
SCP-049: “Oh, good doctor, I can assure you, the Pestilence is here, and I can sense it. It is my duty in life to rid the world of it. My cure is most effective.”
Dr. ████: “Your cure? Your cure has cost us hundreds of lives! Your cure is faulty!"
SCP-049: “Good Doctor, my cure is most effective.”

[SCP-049 lapsed once again into silence, and no further attempts to make it speak were effective.]


Our next SCP for conversation will be SCP-002. SCP-002 is a fleshy growth that can almost represent a tumour. It has a rough volume of  60 m³ (or 2000 ft³). One one side of this sphere there is an iron hatch that leads to the interior. The inside closely represents a low rent apartment of a modest  size. On one wall of this interior there is a window that can strangely not be seen from the outside. The room contains furniture made of sculpted bones, air  and other biological substances. To this day SCP-002 has been the cause of the disappearance of 7 foundation personnel. Since its capture there has been more pieces of furniture added that have been proven to have been made by the organic matter of the missing personnel.


The following is a brief report detailing the discovery of SCP-002

The subject was discovered in a small crater in northern Portugal where it struck the Earth from orbit. Encased in a shell of thick rock, the fleshy exterior of the object was exposed by the impact. A native farmer happened upon the site and reported his findings to the village elder. Subject gained SCP attention when a Level 4 agent posted in the area detected a small radioactive anomaly generated by the object.

A collection squad of SCP security personnel led by General Mulhausen was immediately dispatched to the area where they quickly secured the subject in a large container and performed initial testing with subjects recruited from the nearby village. Three men individually sent into the structure subsequently disappeared. Upon discovering this deadly property of the subject, General Mulhausen issued a Level 4a Termination Order of any witnesses (roughly 1/3 of the village) to ensure no outside knowledge of the object and initiated its transport to the SCP facility [DATA EXPUNGED].

During preparation for transport, four SCP security personnel were inexplicably drawn inside the object where they too immediately disappeared. Following inspection, it appeared as if the object had "grown" several new furnishings and was beginning to look like the interior of an apartment room. General Mulhausen immediately ordered the requisition of several Class III HAZMAT suits for the remaining security team members, who proceeded to lift the container onto a waiting freight ship for transport to the SCP containment facility.



Following the termination of General Mulhausen, SCP-002 was re-secured by SCP staff and brought into special containment in [CLASSIFIED], where it currently resides. Staff with clearance below Level 3 have been denied access to the SCP-002 container without prior approval of at least two Level 4 staff after the Mulhausen incident.

That's all the SCP talk for today, see you all in the next discussion! 



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