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Since i'm one of the few players that plays ark (atm atleast) am I going to ask if you all agree with a higher taming rate.
I am asking this because it takes a verry long time to do passive tames and early on when there is no sedative available.

Hope this might get changed. Thanks :D

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  • Admin

I'd really love if we could up it on at least the gaia server. Idc about the others :P As haze said, it takes forever to tame a normal dino. Not sure if there's many people on it now, since it's still pretty new, but with the wild high level dinos, it's really hard (at least for me) to get a dino. So I'd love if it was possible to up the taming stat on gaia server.

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personally I find it necessary to take his time to play
the sedatives are long to do but very practical =)
we have the tranquilizer arrow improve and also the table has kibble
you have to make the dinos families, for the dinos you want to have (it takes up space)
in two weeks I have close to 600 Rex eggs to tame the plesiosaur and easily quetzal
also do the collector and hatchery for the fertilized and unfertilized egg.
Once everything is set up you create a transmitter (TEK) to scan the dino of the map (level + coordinates)

I am on the island (Marxos) since day 1.
i just tame a gigano lvl 300, perfect tame (I got it at day 1,000+), it's 500 after a few fights
it took me some time, but I took the time to play.

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While the higher lvls sure take some time, nobody is forced to go for lvl300 right from the start. A lvl50-100 is able to farm the resources for sedatives without any problems. The pain starts with getting max lvls and this should still be some effort. I started with a lvl ~50 trike and made my way up to higher lvls. (lvl40 bronto was next for bigger weight and more berries^^).

The only reason to up the taming rate would be passive dinos since it can really take some time... But on the other hand you can grab most dinos and put them into a taming pen so no other dinos disturb you. Get the kibble needed before you go for max lvl and simply invest some work. I can understand why people want higher rates but how many dinos do you tame passive? It's not like you have to tame new dinos every day. Investing 1-2 days (to prepare) to get a male+female and easily breed them (nanny+hatchery = no effort at all to breed) are fair in my opinion.

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  • Owner
54 minutes ago, Chris said:

I agree with Dakal, I just think the rates on Gaia should at the very least be the same as on the cluster 

Currently the rates are the same. If we do change them I want everyone to be in some kind of agreement. 

We can change them just on GAIA because it's out of the cluster but then again I don't think we should change them too much either. But hey I'm not laying this down, I'll let you guys work it out so you are all happy

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  • Admin

Problem is that it's so hard to get started on gaia. I really don't care if it doesn't get changed on the cluster servers, but it needs to be increased on gaia. It's too hard with the high levels everyone. You'll have to be SUUUUPER lucky to find a dino below level 200... (I'm still talking about gaia) 

The taming rate is on 2 and it should at least be increased to 5. 10 would be better but it's fine with 5..

Again, idc if the cluster servers still has the 2 taming stat, just pleeeaaaase increase it on gaia. It's ridiculously hard to get started.. 

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