Multi selection mod for ark

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We add dinosaurs, buildings, features for ease.

But it would be nice to add skins / armors for the dinosaurs.

These three mods correspond to a lack on our servers for a diversity:
(Pimp my Dino) -
(Saddle Emporium) -
(The Costume Shop) -
We are supposed to have fun not to run everywhere on the map for skins (that being said it's my point of view)

Also no if you still want to add content that could greatly improve the visual basis, I recommend this one:
(MRRadTools.INC) -

There is of course this kind of mod too;
(Craftable Apex Drops) -
Who gives the loot's dinos to facilitate the opening of the bosses.

All these mod's are intended to value ALL the servers that you with, and not leave out.

Marcus - (Marxos/ARK)

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I believe we should create a poll in relation to this. I'll create the poll tomorrow to see which mods we will add and to review the mods that we already have. We don't want to add too many mods due to load times of ark being bad enough already with our current set of mods.


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2 hours ago, MarcusFaren said:

for me it's ok i am in ssd 250 giga ark + mod's, plus a connection at 250 mb / s
16 giga ram ddr4 2400Mhz

I have enough power to launch it and maintain it 😃

That's great but we also have to cater for the average Joe with a highly powered potato

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I understood it correctly 😃
it was a bit of bragging on my part, some even better, but the internet connection is very important. ;)

some think that the Ram and the graphics card (kind 1080) are necessary ... it's wrong, I play medium high(GTX1050). I do not seek beauty, but the fps 😃
have a good refresh of the image in Ghz by the processor and good data processing via the motherboard for a better link, a lot of criticism on ARK unfounded because "everyone" think that GTX1080Ti + 32Giga Ram it must to turn ... without thinking that a pc is an ALL

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