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20180504 suggestions / questions

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Well, hello again everyone, has been a long time!

After playing for a short bit on the server there are several things that I would like to suggest and I also have a few questions.


  • Allow members and above to utilize the /rg flag <id> greeting; /rg flag <id> farewell
    I suggest this to allow people to become more personalized with their builds... after all building and exploring is a part of minecraft
  • Allow members and above to utilize the /rg flag <id> creeper-exlposion false
    Otherwise creepers can damage protected grounds which may not be an issue until it is utilized maliciously by another player to grief someone; I have experienced creepers blowing up on my land and damaging it and I am assuming other players can utilize this tact... may also be used to destroy others chests (untested)
  • Check into the mcmmo or whatever plugin you are using, I am having block lag when breaking items / mining every 15 or so items / blocks


  • With minecraft 1.13, or whatever version it is that will be released next, do you plan on releasing a new map (think only the oceans are really affected at this point, unsure if required at this point in time)?
    Also be careful with new map releases, it can really drive players away...
  • As always, just wanted to check in and see how the new spawn was coming along?

The above is all that I have for now.


Take care, have fun, and game on!

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I'll have to see when you're on to update you on the spawn, but I reworked the outside of the castle, so now I primarily need to detail and finish a few things with the castle. Also I need to work on the surrounding village, but I think the castle is the priority.

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