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Yes. more scps. i know...

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Ok, so I'm more making this one for my sake to relax. But! You came here not for my personal Ramblings, you came for my SCP Ramblings!

First off is SCP - 632 also known as "Intrustive Arachnid Thoughts". SCP-682 is a type of arachnid. So famous due to its unconventional reproductive means. It does such by exposing a human to an array of sensory triggers. These include visual patterns on the SCP's abdomen. There is a tactile sensation produced by the SCP crawling on human skin, it also releases unidentified chemicals onto the host. After 2-3 hours after exposure to the sensory triggers the affected individual will get a mild headache, a sensation of spider silk on the skin and repeated intrusive thoughts about spiders. *shudder*. MRI scans of such hosts reveal hundreds of small filament-like structures measuring at 2-3cm in length. The pressure put onto cerebral blood vessels by these structures causes the headaches, localised towards the front of the host's skull. Repeatedly tapping on the affected areas cause such structures to release Endorphins effectively alleviating the pain. The growth of these structures can be halted by the administration of Class-B amnestics. If the manifestation is allowed to fully form it will prove to be fatal.


Due to how tired I am this is all I can do tonight sadly. I didn't want to scrap what I had already put so this is gonna have to do.

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