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Worst game you've ever played?

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With lots of great games getting released in the later parts of 2018 I think it's time we went over the bad eggs. Name the worst game you have ever played. Could be from bugs, gameplay, developers. Whatever, just keep it friendly!

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I was really looking forwards to House Flipper, the idea behind it seems absolutely awesome

The reality was.. slightly less, and consisted of me buying out people's houses then just smashing all the walls down and selling said smashed out walls for profit. The game was a great idea, but poorly executed in my opinion

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Hide and go Boom.

It's one of those games that a group of friends bought and played, before we realized that it didn't work and there isn't a menu, so as a result, you don't only get stuck without being able to do anything in game, but your ears are also being permanently blasted. At least we got refunds.

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I would like to nominate the world renowned and personally useless game "7 days to die" or as me and @Chris found out 7 Hours to find your mate, 7 minutes to realise we're getting no where and 7 seconds to refund ^>^! 

I personally did not enjoy this game at all! I have a vast library of games I could go through but due to the expierence we had in such a short time i feel this is the title that comes to mind!

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