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What games do you go back and play?

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For me it's Call of Duty World At War & Black Ops. Fable 3, and the Xbox 360 halo games (FPS games and controllers do not mix well). What games do you go back and find yourself replaying? And why? 

World At War was the first CoD zombies game and the fist CoD I played on my own xbox 360,

Black ops got this game not long after I got my 360 and I really enjoyed it, especially the multiplayer.

Halo Reach, game that came with my 360 and made me a massive halo fan had played halo 3 and halo 3 odst at a friend's house beforehand

Fable 3, my first RPG

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It sounds weird but I keep going back and playing Counter Strike Source, purely because it was the first game I really got into (10 years ago.. I was 7)

DoD is still fun, but I never got as many hours in (for reference, I have about 1300 in CS:S and 50 in DoD + DoD:S)

I bought CS:GO before it got as famous/popular as it was, and on release it had that tacky UI that it shared with my xbox 360 (which they stopped updating (yes, CS:GO has an xbox 360 version)).

I bought TF2 back when it used to cost, so I'd consider that an achievement?

Me and my friends used to be really into the COD Zombies series, and I still adore it, I think I have just about every COD with zombies on it lol (I have MW, WaW, MW2, BO, MW3, BO2, AW, Ghosts, IW, BO3, and WW2 on mixed consoles lol) and I have the WW2 season pass, I like playing BO2's zombies then WW2's just to see just how far it's come and honestly, the playstyle feels the same but the graphics have changed a lot lol.




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7 hours ago, bantheif said:

Every now and then I go back on my 360 to play some Halo Reach, so the new upcoming Halo has me quite excited, especially since it's probably going to be on PC as well.

Hoping that one day we get the Master Chief Collection on PC

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