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If you have played for a while you'll know me. If you're new... Hi I am Leslee better known as BarberMiss. or Barb. I live in Kentucky in the US. I am a Barber who is Female and single  ergo Barber Miss. 

I'm not the oldest player by far but I am up there. This December I will turn 57....pushing 60 feels weird to say it. I enjoy Minecraft because it's relaxing to me. I love to build, decorate,  farm, and hunt for treasure. I used to be an Admin but I have forgotten almost all that I learned after being gone for so long. I will try to help if I am able, so just ask. Hope to see you in play!


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5 hours ago, IAMSNOWMAN said:

Hello Barb :D long time no see! I hope that you're well and it's great to see you back

Thanks  I'm glad to be back .

On 9/9/2018 at 4:49 PM, Chris said:

It's nice seeing you around again Barb. You have been missed :)

Thanks Chris and thanks for your help..old people forget things

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