Possible modded mc server?

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Hello lovelies ~

Recently, my good friend Caz and I have gravitated toward the many worlds of modded minecraft, specifically magical/mystical themed packs. If that sparks any interest with anyone, check out the two big packs we play:

Arcane Official -

WC Tech & Magic Reborn -

Both of these packs include Ars Magica 2 and Thaumcraft, as well as an assortment of technology based and other magical mods!

**Keep in mind these packs come with official servers as well, but they aren't closely monitored like ours.**

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Those modpacks do not offer server downloads as they have been created for a specific community, so I'm going to look into "The New Tekkit Classic" as it appears to be under active development. And it has magic as well as tech based stuff in

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