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Daily dinowipe

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Hallo Forum 

When i first joined the ark server ragnarok and the island had daily wild dino wipes.. 

Snce a few months the servers are not getting a wild dino wipe every day.

So it basicly means u have to go around with a transmitter search for all the dinos and kill them all if u want high lvls to spawn. 

Duo to having to work 6 days a week and not having that much time left for games, is it possible to start doing wild dino wipes again when the server restarts at night ?


Rick ( jeremy winterspoon ) 

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3 hours ago, Snowball said:

Daily wipe sounds good but i do have the same concern as Jamie mentioned. Maybe a 3 day or weekly wipe would be best? Unless this issue has been resolved ofcourse, In that case i am all for the daily wipe of wild dino's.

3 days is good for me 😃

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