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Gaia volcano wipe ?

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I will take a look now,

Due to the fact we were not made aware of this in time we do not have a backup of this server. Our backups only last for 7 days at a time due to space constraints. 


If you have lost stuff valuable I can get an admin to help with this but currently I can not do anything.

Sorry about this @MarcusFaren

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and well @jamie, it's like the last time, millions of resources and all the dinos of the mod gaia lvl + - max tame or invoque = (

the last time, i stopped for X months because I was disgusted, even if the last time you wanted to pay me back I did not ask anything.

but when you arrive after X weeks to make a full base in tek completely protect with 10 shield =(

you have a little bad ='(

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@MarcusFaren as you are aware we run quite a few servers, If we are not aware of this within a week or so from members we can not be held responsible. We try our upmost best for our community. Ark is a pain in the backside, it's not just us having issues with map resets it seems to happen to many ARK servers.

I will see about extending our backups for 2 weeks but we are limited a lot on space due to the fact I can not afford to pay for another server.

It upsets me when this happens as in the end of the day I want to make sure every one is happy. I pay out a lot for JR and it really annoys me that this bug keeps happening to the servers. I wish I could do more to help bring back the map but the long story short it does not exist within the backups (in our backups while we keep 7 days of zips, they actually have a few days in the zips each).

I will again look in to seeing if we can do anything else with the ARK servers to stop this from happening but I can't promise anything due to the fact ARK's server stack sucks and gives us nothing but headache. I wouldn't mind but there is no logging for our linux servers, ARK only saves and shows logs for Windows servers causing it a complete pain to actually diagnose what is going on.

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    • As per this post. We reboot the servers once every 12 hours to ensure they are running as smoothly as possible. I apologise if this causes you any issues. We can review these times in the future, as it currently stands most of the staff have irl stuff going on so that's taking priority at the moment so I am not sure when we'll get round to taking a look at this. Your feedback has been noted
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