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ARK Server  

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  1. 1. Should we reset everything like suggested below?

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Its been a week, we don't want to fully rush things and as I stated to @Snowball privately I wouldn't have time till the start of the week to make any more movement.

You guys have to understand I work a full 40 hour a week job have many more responsibilities than just JR.

JR of course has admins to help at any times they can but we all have a life. I'd understand if this was dragged out 2, 3 weeks without any staff input on the topic but we have been posting when we have chance.

Restarting an entire ark cluster isn't a two second job. I have many checks internally to complete before I do this as I want to ensure this does not happen again. 

Please stay patient our new ARK servers will be operational at some point during the start of next week i imagine. Just remember i pay big money for our servers out of my back pocket and we work on JR when possible. Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way and I hope you can understand this. JR isn't a quick and easy thing to run, to run correctly I do more behind the scenes than people actually are aware. We run Linux servers for a reason but that also complicates some things. Things aren't like your computer such as clicking one button to install things. There is a lot of automation to keep things running while I am away and this has to be all setup before things are put in place.

As for this week it took me a few days to sort a serious issue on our servers that caused major issues with how our servers were running.

In relation to this ARK install I want to make things easier for our admins to manage the server so I will be looking at a new way of integrating ARK in to our panel. This will take a few days in it self of testing to ensure everything works as intended.

Please again remain patient we will be working very hard on this when I get back so JR ARK will exceed your expectations and be a way better experience than in the past few weeks

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We understand your frustration and trust me, we are just as annoyed as you are! We want the servers to work and make everyone happy, but as it turns out, this is a bit more complicated than first anticipated. We are talking in our admin chat and reading all your messages through to make sure we don't miss anything. 

Unfortnunately, I can't help with the servers, as I'm the biggest PC potato and I'd prolly make everything worse if I start to mess with that 😂 Although, you are more than welcome to message me on discord or here, and I'll be more than happy to do whatever I can! We will ofc do what we can to make sure that everyone gets something back from this little issue we have here. 

We will keep you guys updated on the progress of all this and hope that you can be a bit more patient 💗 

Thank you once again 😎

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So the time has come, I'm working to get the new servers online today. 

Please note the following:

  • I will only be picking 3 - 4 mods to begin with.
  • Mods may be added in the future
  • I will keep the old game data if anyone wants a download PM me and I'll send you the map
  • I will only get the new servers online if clustering works

I will release the list of mods and more information when ready.

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