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1 hour ago, Cythion said:

Just the dinos or thier stats as well?

when an admin spawn a dino, he can not touch the stats. ;)

you put 5 pictures of the dinos you want (5 dinos xD)
and you make a nice calculation for the admin (level / 1.5 = lvl basic)

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Mammoth - lvl 486/1.5 = 324 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Mammoth_character_bp_c" 324


Argentavis - lvl 504/1,5 = 336 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Argent_character_bp_c" 336


Quetzal - lvl 505/1,5 = ~337 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Quetz_character_bp_c" 337


Baryonyx - lvl 476/1,5 = ~318 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Baryonyx_character_bp_c" 318


Wolf - lvl 922/1,5 = ~615 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Direwolf_character_bp_c" 615

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Marcus' formula is correct. Deviding by 1.5 gets you the exact level.

My DInos:
Ankylosaurus: 474 / 1.5= 316
cheat gmsummon "Ankylo_Character_BP_C" 316

Doedicurus: 505 / 1.5= 337
cheat gmsummon "Doed_Character_BP_C" 337

Therizinisaur: 500 / 1.5= 333
cheat gmsummon "Therizino_Character_BP_C" 333

Tek Rex: 1222 / 1.5= 815
cheat gmsummon "BionicRex_Character_BP_C" 815

Lightning Wyvern (event colors): 413 / 1.5= 275
cheat gmsummon "Wyvern_Character_BP_Lightning_C" 275
Image is attached.



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Hello, this is my crew:

Dung Beetle: 66 / 1.5= 44
cheat gmsummon "DungBeetle_Character_BP_C" 44

Gacha: 211 / 1.5= 141
cheat gmsummon "Gacha_Character_BP_C" 141

Gacha: 322 / 1.5= 215
cheat gmsummon "Gacha_Character_BP_C" 215

Tek Rex: 1215 / 1.5= 810
cheat gmsummon "BionicRex_Character_BP_C" 810

Snow Owl: 444 / 1.5= 296
cheat gmsummon "Owl_Character_BP_C" 296


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    • I uploaded my doedicurus from ragnarok. I wanted to dl it on the island. But my doedicurus disappeared. I cant upload it on the island. There isnt any dino to upload. It happend with a dung beetle aswell. today. I dont mind the dung but i realy want my dudley dursley the doedicurus back if possible pls
    • How many staff/adm do we have? If all are to busy maybe we need to find some people who do have time? I dont want to offend anyone but i am just curious if we can make this an active server again. (ofc i understand irl goes before the game ) 
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    • Is it possible to change the maintenance time from 1 in the afternoon to 4 in the morning? I play a lot at daytime and when i tame, sometimes i am 3 hours or more busy taming. Even with taming pots. (some dino's are going up with 0.2 with a taming pot).  Every time i have to run to a safe place and hope the dino wont get killed during the maintenance . Wich happend once after 2 hours being patience taming . I know on some other servers they have the maintenance time early in the morning. thx Heaven  
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