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Roberto Carbonell February 21,2012

Reading Book report

St. Elizabeth School 7P

Roberto Clemente was Baseball’s greatest hispanic player of all time. In Roberto Clemente: the Passion and Grace of Baseball’s Last Hero by David Maraniss, Roberto’s lifetime is explained and the impact he left on baseball itself. Robert was truly the greatest hispanic baseball player of all time.

Roberto Clemente wasn’t immediately a famous Baseball star. Something had to happen before! Roberto was born on August 18, 1934 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. He was the youngest of 7 children. His family was low on money growing up to he had to do jobs like delivering milk. In his early life he enjoyed playing baseball he studied at Vizcaondo High School. There he was recruited into a baseball team. On November 14,1964 He married Vera Zabala. They both had 3 children, Roberto jr., Luis Roberto, and Enrique Roberto. Roberto Clemente had an interesting young life.

Roberto became a great baseball player. Clemente first started when Pedrin Zorrila offered him a contract into the Santurce Crabbers. After finishing the season with a .288 batting average, he made a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. After playing with the dodgers, he went to montreal to play with the Montreal Royals. On April 17,1955 Roberto joined the Pittsburg Stealers. During the off season, he played with his old team the Santurce Crabbers. In the 1960’s he was a fantastic player. He participated in the all-star game numerous times and won golden glove awards and MVP awards. Roberto Clemente was a truly astonishing player!

Roberto left a huge impact on baseball. Roberto changed baseball in many ways. Many Hispanic players play today because Roberto showed them its possible. Many things were dedicated to him including Schools, parks, and events. He showed that ethnicity has nothing to do with baseball. He changed the face of baseball forever.

Roberto Clemente was a great man. Even though he grew up poor, he strived to do his best he could do and succeded. Now because of him, hispanic people can play baseball with no fear.

Thats what i had in there for that long amount of time

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Posted 5 hours ago

my friend and i were chatting and posting convos with other ppl we had

for example...See u won't talk to me now I'm crying again ahhhhI'm soooo ashamed of what I told u. U will never talk to me again haaa.


what ofcourse ill talk to u.

No cause its all awkward now..... It will affect everything won't it?????

i hope noti knw u liked me.

Who told u?.


i dont remember but it wasant hard to figure out this was with my friend sebastian

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