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Verse 1:

Take seat youngin'; Stay around for spell

I got a little story that I wanted to tell

Would ya

Please stick around, take a listen and see

Cause back in my day, things were always grand as can be

Now all the

Streets were paved gold and gems; Glimmerin'

Lightin' up the skies at noon; This town is shimmerin'

Waitin' on nobody cause we got stuff to do

Cause we through with the new

We're talking old school, kids, that's just what we do!

Back in the day, it was the prime of the time

Imagine all the greats singing together in rhymes

and listening together on old Gramaphones

and old Radios it was a hell of a time

Let me tell ya youngin', man the old days were grand

You could walk down to the beach and plant your hooves in the sand

You didn't have no worries

All was grand as can be

So everybody take a listen

Open your eyes and see


So trot with me through the autumn leaves

And keep close to stay warm

Soon you'll see how much you mean to me

Feelings I've never felt before

Verse 2:

Skippi-do-bop was the name of the game

Swinging like crazy everyone goes insane

It's like a game except everyone wins

Why isn't music like that, anymore?

My god everything is such a bore now

Everything's the same thing over again

With all that hippin' and the hoppin'

and the bippen' and the boppen'

They dunno what the jazz is all about, you see

You'll look back at your days

I'm sure you'll experience it sometime

cause when you grow old

everything seems cold

and new generation will arrive


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