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Assassins Creed 2... all Puzzle Solutions

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The puzzles go in a predetermined order. It doesn't matter which glyph you do,

the next puzzle will always be the one that's supposed to be next. As mentioned

above, the puzzles don't have to be solved immediately.

The puzzles come in a few categories. Sometimes there are 10 photos and a clue

connecting five of them that you must pick out. Others have photos where you

must search for a secret. There are slider puzzles which are jumbled pictures

on rotating rings that need to be aligned properly. Marker puzzles are the

simplest, usually having you place the cursor over the objects on screen. Then

there are combination puzzles, having you crack a code.

Below is a list of each puzzle. When possible, I'll try and help you in trying

to figure it out. I encourage you to wrestle with each puzzle yourself and see

how good you can do, because it's more satisfying that way. The solutions are

given when applicable for those who are stuck.


1) In The Beginning

"Five of these mythic scenes share a CORE similarity. PICK them out and you'll

begin to see."

The two clue words should tell you what you need to look for. You have 10

paintings and there is a common thread that binds them. Pay attention to the

clue words and look at each picture carefully.

Solution: The thread that binds the pictures is the apple. Thus, the pictures

you want are:

o Judgement of Paris

o Atlanta and Hippomenes

o Hercules in the Garden of the Hesperides

o The Fall

o Idun and the Apples


2) Sixty-Four Squares

This is the first of the slider puzzles and it is by far the easiest. You can

select each individual ring and change your selection by using the D-Pad.

Rotate each one to align the pictures. You have three to work on. For best

results, start with the most recognizable features like heads and faces and

work your way from there.


3) Descendants

You are given three pictures, one after another. You have the option to turn on

infrared in each one. This will make the Piece of Eden you are looking for in

each more identifiable.


o Picture 1: Near FDR's outstretched hand

o Picture 2: Also near Houdini's hand

o Picture 3: Two-thirds up Gandhi's staff


4) Infinite Knowledge

You are given four pictures and you need to search each one for the Piece of

Eden. You are given a small search frame to scroll along each picture. Finding

them is fairly easy until you get to the third one.


o Picture 1: Inside the mouth of the soldier's bazooka

o Picture 2: On the helmet of the soldier in the background

o Picture 3: On one of the bayonets a little bit right of the center

o Picture 4: Inside the fireball held by the top-right creature


5) Instruments of Power

The first clue is "The Power they wielded CUT down their enemies." You have ten

painting and need to select five. You need to look for paintings depicting a

sword, as the clue suggests. A sword though; anything else will not suffice so

that leaves out Alexander The Great.


o Perseus

o Atilla the Hun

o Sigmund

o King Arthur

o Joan of Arc

Part 2 has the clue, "In their hands, the wise LEAN on a great force." You're

looking for pictures with a staff in them this time.


o John the Baptist

o Alexander The Great

o Shabataka

o Peter

o Moses


6) Brothers

You have four slider pictures. These ones are a bit tougher than the ones in

the original, because some rings move together. So moving one will move another

sometimes. Your strategy should be to find which of a joined pair can also be

moved alone. Move the OTHER one until it's properly aligned then move the other

by itself to fix it.

The center is fixed for some of the puzzles so you need to align the rings

around them. In the second one, one outer ring and the inner ring move together

but the inner one can also be moved by itself.

The last one is more difficult because there are two pairs of rings that move

at the same time. It's also black and white which makes it a little harder to

discern. Focus on aligning body parts and then fixing misaligned rings that can

be moved by themselves.


7) Keep on Seeking, And You Will Find

The clue is, "First plucked from a tree guarded by a snake, its powers perform

miracles. Then, worn across the ages, torn asunder, hidden under a sea of RED,

reconstruct the timeline.

10 paintings. The clue word is red so you should focus on paintings that go

along with that theme.


o Joseph

o Jason

o Jesus Christ

o David and Goliath

o Christ Disrobed

For part two, you see a picture of Jesus on the cross. You get a beeping that

indicates how close you are to the thing you need to find. The faster it beeps,

the closer you are.

Solution: It is toward the bottom right, a little bit away from Jesus' left

leg. There is a red object with a smaller object in gold inside. Focus on that

and scan it.


8) Martyrs

You get a few photos to scan again. Like before, trust the beeping and pay

attention to when it beeps more rapidly to try and find the Piece of Eden in

each one.


o For the first picture, the Piece of Eden is about halfway up the staff

o For Joan of Arc, it's near her left thigh and her sword

The next part gives you a map of Europe with some pictures. First place the

cursor on the flame and bring it to the Joan of Arc picture. Then grab the

middle guy, Rasputin, and put him over near the third guy


9) Hat-Trick

You start with two successive pictures to scan again. Again you have a sound

to guide you as you scan for the Pieces of Eden.


o On the Houdini picture, it's on the left side of his torso

o For Gandhi, it's on his chest

The last part is a new type of puzzle. You get some pictures and two colored

sliders with numbers. You have to use these to input a combination in the


You're given the grey half of the combination, the numbers 867. 867 on the

grey wheel correpsond to numbers on the red wheel. You need to figure it out

and put in the correct red numbers to solve this puzzle.

Start by looking for an important clue amongst the pictures. You should see

"6=1". Use R2 to align the wheels so that 6 on the grey wheel is aligned with

1 on the red wheel. All the other numbers are aligned in certain ways now. Put

in the red counterpart numbers to 867 to solve the puzzle.

Solution: 312


10) Apollo

You start off with a picture of the moon. You are told to find the "Eagle".

That's actually a moon lander. You can find it out in space, a little to the

left of the edge of the moon. Find it and scan it.

You get a slider puzzle, but this one is different. To solve this one, you

need to align all the rings so that all the gaps in them are aligned. The best

way to do this is to focus on the part of each ring that has two gaps side by

side. Try to align this part in every ring. Pay attention to which rings move

together and which of those can be moved alone so you can fix any changes you

make. Also make sure that they all align with the white center.

Finally, you get a picture of the moon landing. The Piece of Eden is located on

the moon's surface, to the left of the flag.


11) The Inventors

You start off with a map. Take the electricity cursor and place it on each of

the lightbulbs.

For the next part, you get a picture. You have no help on this one really so

you have to search it the hard way. You can find this solution a little above

the door.

For the final picture, you might also be hard pressed to find what you're

looking for. Focus on the character in the center and the object in his lap

and scan that.


12) Titans of Industry

You'll begin with another combination puzzle. The clue is a bit harder to

find, but you should see it in the bottom left as "4=1". Align the wheels and

input the rest of the numbers to crack the code.

Solution: 240

For the next part, simply ID the object in Edison's hands.

Finally, you get a second combination puzzle. This one doesn't have numbers on

the red wheel. They are some sort of code and you'll have to work a bit harder

to figure this one. There's a clue but it's not as obvious. In the picture

with the car, you'll see a "2", and in the news article, you'll see the "||.."

from the red wheel.

You'll see that the symbols you need are missing from the red wheel. Get used

to this predicament. You should be able to see a pattern with the symbols and

if you mess around with the combination you can see that pattern.


o 1 = "||."

o 3 = "|||"

o 9 - "|.."


13) I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds

Yet another combination to crack. The pictures will tell you that triangle is

equal to 9. You again need to discern a pattern as the others you need are

missing. If you flip the combination possibilities though, you can see the

missing symbols and they go in the same order as those on the wheel, so filling

in the blanks should be simple.


o 5 = three squares

o 2 = circle

o 9 = triangle


14) Bloodlines

This is simple enough. You get ten pictures and got to select the correct

five again.


o Jupiter and Lo

o Danae visited by Zeus

o Cupid and Psyche

o Leda and the Swan

o Rape of Europa


15) Guardians

Guardians starts off with one of those old slider picture puzzles. This should

not be terribly difficult by now. Just remember to fix any mistakes you make

by moving rings that were moved by others. Align helpful pieces like faces and

so on to make it easier.


16) The Cavalry

You get a map with a bunch of location names on it, many of which don't even

exist on the map you're given like Alaska. You need to place the cursor on the

correct location to solve this. If you touch the wrong one, some of them get

jumbled around.

Solution: Tunguska

For the second grab the staff/sword and stab it through the picture.


17) The Bunker

This is one of the harder combination puzzles. Your clues can just barely be

seen in the pictures. There's the < symbol in one, and a 4 lingering between

some others. Line these up on the two wheels.

You need to find the symbols on the red wheel that correspond to the code on

the grey wheel, 791. Discerning a pattern here is really tough though. Shaun's

hint doesn't give anything away, but might steer your brain in the right

direction. The symbols all have angles, and each one on the code wheel, going

in a clockwise direction, has one more angle than the last symbol. So you see

O has none. The < has one. Do you see?

So if you count each symbol going clockwise until you get the one missing (that

lines up with 7 on the grey wheel) you would need a symbol that has five

angles. Flip through the symbols on the combination until you find one that has

five angles. Nine is provided for you as the bowtie shape so you just need 1.

If you keep counting like you were, you should be able to figure out that the

one you need for 1 should have eight angles.


o 7 = the upside and tilted "e" shape

o 9 = bowtie shape

o 1 = the small diamond inside a bigger diamond


18) Synapses

Another tricky one. Shaun can give you a helpful hint that will make this a lot

easier. The symbols on the red wheel are Sumerian. The symbol that is shaped

like a tree or a glass is a 1. The arrow "<" or boomerang shape is equal to 10.

You'll see the hint for this puzzle in the bottom right where there is a

picture with a series of CAT scans. One of them has a 5 and between two others

is that tree shape.

The last part you need to figure this one out is the bottom left picture. It

is red and has some numbers printed on it. The sequence starts with that tree

symbol which we established is equal to 1. Start adding up the numbers, adding

the tree symbol (1) to the next number, 2. 1 + 2 = 3. If you look at the red

wheel and search for the lone tree symbol, the one that comes directly after

it... has three of them! See the pattern? Let's try it again.

Add 1+2+6, 6 being the next number in the bottom left sequence. You get 9. And

of course, if you look at the red wheel, the next symbol after three tree

symbols is one that has nine of them. You should be able to understand this


If you keep adding them up, you'll eventually get to 1+2+6+2+1+5 to find the

missing symbol that corresponds to 0 on the grey wheel. That adds up to 17.

Remember the arrow shape is equal to 10. So you're looking for the one with

an arrow and seven tree shapes. The sequence that corresponds to the missing

symbol for 3 is 17+3+5+6 which is 31. That is three arrows and one tree shape.

I hope this makes sense. It is definitely confusing at first, but it should

become easier if you grapple with it enough.

The last part of the puzzle gives you a picture of synapses. Just place the

cursor over every gap. Be sure not to miss the one in the top right.


19) The Fourth Day

"Once worshipped, now ignored, from a distance it watches and waits."

This is the clue you're given. It might seem a bit vague, but if you look at

the pictures you're given, it might become more obvious. What do all these

pictures have in common, something that was once worshipped in ancient

cultures? Think Egypt and Aztec, and other cultures. It should come to you.

Solution: The sun! That was what was once worshipped. Therefore you want:

o Nazca Textile

o Aztec Calendar Stone

o The Eastern Gate

o Sistine Chapel Ceiling Fresco

o Book of the Dead

You get a picture of the sun for the last part. This can take a moment, but you

get a sound to help you out as you search around.


20) The Origin of the Species

This is a difficult slider puzzle. Start by aligning it vertically with the

hand that is holding the earth being underneath it and the characters on the

sides vertically upright.

There are two rings here that can be moved independently. So whenever these get

moved around by the others, go back and fix them. This one can take a while so

just stick with it.

For the next part, look at the sun and ID that to move on.

The third part looks like another combination puzzle. You might be going "Oh

great..." but this is surprisingly simple. You are given a very important clue,

the Creed saying, "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." Going by that

logic, if you replace the "-" symbols with anything at all, you can put that in

as your code.

The last part gives you a skeleton. Move the cursor over all the joints to make

it transform and finish this and all of the glyph puzzles.


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