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    Welcome to the Help Center.

    JR recognises the need for good support for it's members. No question is silly, if you have an issue with a game server, voice server or our website please either make a support ticket. Or post a topic in our community support

    If you are new at JR, please have a read of our Wiki Docs for our Gaming Servers if you're here to play.

  • Latest From Developers

      Due to the quick change of theme, (as we were having multiple issues with the old theme been out of date and not compatiable with new code) we have had multiple bug reports submitted with our mobile site.
      I'm proud to say most bugs with mobile have been resolved now.


      If you see any more bugs please report them to us so we can resolve them as soon as possible ❤️
      Recently we have been backend doing some development that has and hasn't been released yet.
      Mobile: We understand that as technology evolves so does our mobile presence. To acknowledge this shift in the industry we have been working on JR so it plays friendly for tablets and mobiles. To sort these issues we have run a variety of tests on multiple devices (1080p Phone + Tablet, iPhone) to see what problem areas are and to fix problem areas.
      We found and patched the following bugs:
      Disabled background load on mobile phones Removed the javascript header opening on tablets and phones as it was overlaying content Moved logo to center of the screen up top and removed margin pushing the website lower. On devices that have a low resolution or screen size when used in a portrait orientation the logo will be pushed more to the left to make way to use the return and other links that are provided on the mobile nav bar The back to top link now automatically moves to the center bar. Social Bar: JR is working harder to provide more push notifications to our social pages to expand our community not just inside but outside our website. You may have seen the bottom links in the right hand corner. If you haven't already please join our social presence. We will be releasing competitions on these pages soon. If you are a Xbox player please join our Xbox club, you can do so by clicking on the xbox logo and clicking join. When JR members are playing you will be able to find them easier to play and news about events coming soon will be posted on the xbox club.
      Advertising: JR knows that advertising is headwrecking but we also have to gather some return on the expenditure for our services which is currently adding up to quite a bit out of my back pocket. To help with the struggle we have moved advertising to easier to see places. If you are a premium JR member advertising will be removed on your account. If you are a guest or a member advertising will still show for you but we promise only to show 2 adverts on a page at a time. 
      Analytics: We are trying to find out how users use our website better, therefore we are using google analytics to show us user trends, what people use to browse JR, how long they stay on our website. All data is anonymous and we are not tracking individuals. All the data we gather is gathered using cookies and a javascript api. 
      Un - Released:
      Servers App:
      Recently we bought a servers list app to show users what servers we have, what is online and how many players play on JR. Unfortunately the developer did not provide any support to help us with anything. Therefore we are developing a similar application which #1 is tailored to our needs and #2 is our application and only our application. Features we code will be unique to JR. We are hoping this application will help us better monitor our servers, our uptime and of course make it easier for users to use our services. 
      We plan to also integrate a skinned down version in the help center so you can easily check if any server is offline. This feature will also alert admins in the event of a catastrophic failure causing downtime.
      You can see the latest progress here at: https://dev.jrnetwork.net/
      We are currently working on a better method to get map images with a failover system incase for some reason the map images are not accessible. We hope to remove the current serverlist we purchased and release this new project in the next week or so.
      If anyone has any suggestions regarding this all critisims and suggestions can be either PM'ed to myself or simply write a comment here. Nothing is stupid and every suggestion will be taken in to consideration.
      Caching and site optimisation:
      We are always looking to make JR load in a better way. We are currently working on a site optimisation method and better caching methods to increase site load times and pings from different areas. This will be coming soon!
      We hope that this update with the current development on JR will show why users may or may not have seen me do much at JR recently. There is a lot of background development going on and after the servers app is released in some form our development focus will be on expanding our server capabilities and adding more games that can be played.
      These changes have happened since the last change log.
      Website Changes
      Help Center Added Gameserver Wiki (This will be used for all docs related to our game servers) Ticketing support updated and more accessible to use with Help Center Our own server management application in beta https://dev.jrnetwork.net. Set to be released in the next week or so Fixed an issue backend with admin groups and moderator groups Fixed a bug when a administrator was to edit, add or delete support departments Privacy policy updated Contact us for at the bottom now submits a support ticket Gameserver Changes
      All servers updated to the latest spigot build which allows for 1.11.2 client support Removed unnecessary plugins Recreated permissions due to plugin changes Switched from essentials to command book to reduce load on server and remove unnecessary features Changed server side settings to use less RAM and CPU usage Reset all maps and generated a big block radius (we will not do that without notification again) Server Changes
      Recompiled and updated Apache + PHP on website server Updated required packages on all servers PHP settings changed to help with server security Removed some server files to save space
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