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  • What is JR Cash and Rewards ?

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    How is JR Cash earned? 

    JR Cash is a virtual currency that is used around JR.  JR Cash is earned around the website by posting in our forum and by playing on supported servers https://servers.jrnetwork.net

    Current Rates: 35 JR Cash for every 15 minutes of playtime on supported servers. every 5 kills will give 40 JR Cash. Please note JR Cash for kills is given at the end of a game session when a player is offline.

    Premium users get 25% more JR Cash on all supported servers!

    We hold events every now and again that may give you an edge for more cash. Please be sure to check out the servers list to see these events pop up https://servers.jrnetwork.net/


    What can I use JR Cash for?

    JR Cash can be used to purchase goods and services around JR. You can currently use JR Cash to purchase webhosting from JR and Premium membership to give users additional features around the website and ingame. 

    You can also use JR Cash to trade between users here in the Marketplace: https://jrnetwork.net/forums/forum/430-marketplace/ Please note we will not be responsible for any services offered here. JR Cash is not to be used to sell personal property, it can be used to sell things such as custom images, skins, etc. We will not be responsible for services offered here. 

    What is JR Rewards?

    JR rewards is a upcoming service that we will be giving JR users a chance to purchase steam codes, merchandise and other items using JR Cash. Rewards will be limited and will come in waves. Rewards will be offered to premium users a day earlier to standard members. This is to help fund JR Rewards.


    Please note JR Cash is for entertainment purposes, JRCash holds a real world value of 0 and can not be traded for real money no matter the currency. JR Rewards are limited and are offered on a first come first serve basis. there is no set date for JR Rewards and they will drop at any point listed on the website. 


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