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    Depending on your rank you will receive the following permissions on JRCraft! You can sign up for free to get Citizen permissions or purchase a subscription to JRPremium to get premium rewards (You can purchase Premium here: https://jrnetwork.net/subscriptions/). When you sign up to JR ensure your Minecraft username is in your profile settings as permissions are applied automatically when you login to the server.

    Tourist Permissions (Default rank)

    • Basic build permissions
    • Basic chat permissions
    • /home & /sethome
    • Use /suicide if stuck
    • Use /spawn
    • Use /rtp
    • Activate/Deactivate pvp mode with /pvp
    • Use /staff to see online staff
    • Request staff help with /helpop
    • Report issues with /report


    Citizen Permissions (Registered at jrnetwork.net)

    Everything above and the following:

    • Create claims
    • View your money with /bal or /money
    • Transfer money to other players with /pay
    • Create Chest Shops (For more info go to /warp help)
    • Set up to 3 homes
    • Keep exp upon death
    • Jobs - /jobs
    • mcMMO - /mcmmo help
    • Teleport to other players with /tpa or /tpahere
    • Disable teleport requests with /tptoggle (excluding staff)
    • Warp to different locations with /warp
    • View other warps with /warps
    • Access to /kit tools
    • Mention other players by typing their name
    • Access to marriage with /marry
    • Color signs
    • Other commands
      • /me   /getpos   /depth

    JRPremium (Acquired when you become a donator here: https://jrnetwork.net/subscriptions/)

    Everything above and the following:


    • Unlimited claim blocks
    • Set up to 99 homes
    • Ability to fly
    • Keep inventory upon death
    • Join the server when it's full
    • Access to /kit notch and /kit premium
    • Set warps with /setwarp
    • Create yourself a nickname with /nick
    • Create chatgroups with /group
    • Command List:
      • /fly
      • /fly speed
      • /back
      • /compass
      • /enderchest
      • /extinguish
      • /feed
      • /firework
      • /group
      • /hat
      • /heal
      • /jump
      • /nick
      • /repair
      • /ptime
      • /setwarp
      • /speed
      • /vanish
      • /workbench or /craft
      • /tp and /tphere and /tppos

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