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    Here at JR we want a balanced game for all to enjoy, this is why we enforce our rules to keep peace and equality around the server.

    Please read these rules and understand them, if you continue to play on our servers you agree to all the rules of our server and could render your account a warning / temp ban / perma ban if you do not follow the below rules.

    Please note PVP ARK has the following rules

    • No killing tamed passive dinos unless it is used in an attack or battle
    • Do not knowingly kill low level starting players unless you are provoked. Let them have a chance. Low level players are classed under level 15. If a starter player reports a player for constantly killing low level starting players you may be removed by the white-list.
    • No spawn killing, building or camping.

    All JR service rules apply for all our servers, read them here: https://jrnetwork.net/guidelines/

    PVP and PVE Rules

    • Respect and be fair to other players
    • No racial comments this will render your account perma-banned from all JR services
    • Keep language family friendly. Continued use of bad language will incur a temp / perma ban 
    • No stealing, spamming the chat, stalking players, griefing (i.e. killing other people's dinos, leaving dinos, foundations or other items next to other players/tribes without their permission, destroying structures) No building bases in the starting locations of any biome.
    • No building too close to other tribes, there must be a reasonable distance between tribe bases.
    • Do not leave tamed dinos scattered around the map
    • No building bases in the starting locations of any biome, if you do so your buildings will be removed without notice
    • No building too close to obelisks, building around them to close them in is not allowed. If this happens, all structures connected will be removed without notice
    • Do not leave single foundations, pillars, small huts littered over the server. If you make a base after you create a starting structure please remove the starting structure
    • No resource hogging (i.e. blocking off a lot of resource spawn points from other players)


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