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Bedrock breaking, Tree farms and tunnel borers

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If the paper.yml ( or paper-global.yml) is edited to allow tnt duping and headless pistons, we can make Tree farms, Tinnel borers and break bedrock in the nether roof. Admittedly, this would also allow rail and carpet duping machines but this is no bad thing as players could easily build rollercoasters and the like. Below is an example of paper.yml as per default.

the "false" changed to  "true" allows the above.

    allow-permanent-block-break-exploits: false
    allow-headless-pistons: false
    allow-piston-duplication: false
    allow-permanent-block-break-exploits-readme: This setting controls if players
      should be able to break bedrock, end portals and other intended to be permanent
    allow-headless-pistons-readme: This setting controls if players should be able 

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I will add this to the paper file and allow this change.

This will be added right away.

The only concern I do have is previously when you removed bedrock it could cause a server crash if the player fell too far through the world. If this happens we will re-enable the setting

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