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Anti- Afk gameplay

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afk fishing is abusing the afk timer
It gives a player an unfair advantage in mcmmo
It is also unfair on server balance
As well as being  grossly unsporting ie not playing the game as intended.

I am  a little disappointed that such behaviour is allowed to the extent that i feel i can no  longer support this server,

I whish you all well.

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I have only just seen this I've been stuck with work and haven't been able to look at this in depth, the user who was doing this isn't playing any more. I wouldn't be concerned. 

On top of this we do allow farming such as the farm machines you have built. Anti-AFK is against the rules and I will be taking action if I see it again as it not only causes this issue it gives JR Cash unfairly too.


If this does happy again please let me know and I will suspend / ban the accounts. 

I will close this idea as it's more of a report than an idea. Hope to see you back soon.


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