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GTA V maps

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https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/raven-rock-military-island this map would be good to play on maybe with a few mods that add more military vehicles. 



just a few possible idea, if i have any more i will add them

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aircraft mod  336mb
SO looking into what is added, with the aircraft mod you would get
5 fighters (technically only 3 as 2 of them are varients)
4 cargo aircraft (same again 2 variants)
2 helicopters (one being russian and the other french)
1 trainer aircraft.

vic mod   174mb
7 humvee variants
4 tanks (2 varients)
1 mrap (personel transport
3 apc/ lav
1 arti

the map, well its a map 200kb

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