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Server Settings

Friendly fire: Enabled

  • Taming Speed 5x
  • Harvest Amount 3x
  • XP 2x
  • Resource respawn radius 0.5x
  • Platform Saddle build area 2x
  • Character food drain 0.25x
  • Character water drain 0.25x
  • Platform max structure amount 5x
  • Platforms allow multiple floors
  • Base character weight 140
  • All character level ups are 2x effective except fortitude which is 4x effective
  • Dino level ups are 2x effective for stamina and movement speed
  • Unlimited mindwipes
  • Crop growth speed 2x
  • Crop decay speed 0.5x
  • Mating interval 0.05x
  • Baby mature speed 25x
  • Egg hatch speed 25x
  • Baby cuddle interval 0.0232x
  • Baby imprint amount multiplier 5
  • Wild Dino food drain 2x


Mod Settings

Super Structures

  • Water intakes can be placed anywhere
  • No foundations required
  • Resource pull range 100 foundations
  • Gardener range 50 foundations
  • Sheep herder range 50 foundations
  • Item collector range 100 foundations
  • Farmer range 100 foundations
  • Nanny range 50 foundations

Dino Storage

  • All automated generation enabled
  • Collects fertilized eggs and incubates them to 1%
  • Poop conversion enabled
  • Fruit seeding enabled




Unlocks all tek engrams at level 100


Additional Info

Additional Guides can be found on the Game Servers Wiki: https://jrnetwork.net/help/serverwiki/


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