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    New server suggestion

    Hi guys. I've been around for quite a bit and started out on the old volcano server. I've been roaming around on ragnarok and the island for some time now and I'm starting to miss the volcano quite a lot. So I've been wondering if people were into bringing it back? With same rates/mods etc. Now I know that there's many new players and some old ones have left so that's why I'm suggesting it again. I'd love to have it back since it's my favourite map and I hope that y'all will think about it
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    Ark server review: server maps

    Hi this is part of our server review series of topics this one focuses on the maps we are using on the servers. We are looking to remove servers that aren't used so we ask you to answer to these questions truthfully
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    Ark server review: server maps

    Hey Jamie Ive been absent for a while But if u need a good playable and pretty done map is Olympus. One of the best ive seen out there rn
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    Ricardo FR12

    New mod

    Can you guys add dino pick up plz
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    Server area

    so if you go on the servers and like chaos tp to airfield for some serious fun and DEATH
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    Server area

    yes I am currently on jc3 and I love the chaos!
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    New server suggestion

    Love the idea if other people want it I'm all for it

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