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    Life changing event

    So has a select few of you know of my situation. I planned on making this post later this month. But honestly its all my friends and I kinda talk about cause I just always need so much help and advice. Most of you will be too young to give help really cause hopefully you wont be in my situation until your older and more stable and ready to handle it (being financial). Begging of this year (2018) I managed to grab myself a girlfriend from work. We spent as much time as we could together when we weren't working. We had a good time and loved being together. We are both the same age as I am 1 month older then her. She has had more relationships and stuff before me and I knew all this before I asked her out. So I was ok with it. the main thing is, She has a 3 year old daughter. At first it was a challenge getting her kid to like me and be comfortable with me. after week and week of being with the kid and her she finally realized im not scary and we got along. Being able to play "do" makeup together and our hair and what not. Around the time of late April early May she came to me with big and important news. I didn't exactly know what to expect. she sat me down. And as she was very worried of my reaction she then told me that she has been pregnant since early March. At first I didn't know what to say, feel, or respond. I just wanted everyone to be happy. But as I have had more time to think of it I am excited to have a little Carter (my name) or Ravek JR growing up to take my shoes. To this day I am mostly just worried as I want the best for my child. She is due early January and I will not find out the gender until the 22nd of this month. which is why I wanted to wait so long to make this. But me and the mother are not having the best of relations right now which is making things even harder for me. As I don't want my child to grow up with split parents or just 1 parent for that matter. I currently don't have a job either, so money is weighing heavily on my back right now, as well as time. I'm trying my best to keep the mother happy so we can stay together, but again things are going downhill faster then I can catch up with, and its not looking good honestly. To top it all off my IRL friends aren't really supporting me like they said they would and I thought they would. I have had 2 groups of friends growing up. 1 that went to my school and I talked to most of the time played games with. The other I knew since I was young, played sports with ect. The 2nd group are all in school as I am not, and we just have drifted I feel too far apart to really be special to each other anymore honestly. My first friend group that I went to school with are just busy and are getting other friends and we don't even talk weekly anymore. I feel alone at this point and the biggest reason I am making this post is that JR is my last line of support that I don't want to lose and I want to share my life with you guys as I have been here for 6+ years. The staff the members have honestly made this place make me feel at home and I don't want to lose that feeling, I would love to one day have my kid grow up and play here and take my shoes as I grow old. I would love any advice anyone has to offer. But most importantly I would love support as I really just feel alone in this world. I hope no one will judge me either or think of me differently cause of this. Thank you for listening. I just want to give a quick thank you to p4ck, Jamie, Frosty, and chris for being supportive and helping me aswell really does mean more then you think and helps.
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    New name

    Im not new here as you can tell. But I would like to inform everyone I changed my name awhile back while my old name was too weird for people to say. So I changed it to "Tormenting" for awhile but then I got into Rocket League on steam and there was a pro player named "Torment' and then people started thinking I was him so it got annoying so I changed my name again to "Ravek". and I think its about time I fully change everything to this name as ive had it for quite awhile now. SwitchShotJolt is no longer a thing and Ravek is the new man.
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    Life changing event

    Thank you any and all support/advice does help.
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    JRCraft Updates

    We have updated the JRCraft Survival server as shown below: Updated spigot to latest version JRCash integration. Use JR Cash made from posting in the forum or playing on different servers within JRCraft. Earn JR Cash by doing jobs on the server which you can purchase rewards from https://jrnetwork.net/rewards/ Changed command book for essentials Setup permissions to sort out essentials Added better beds. Now, only 40% of the server needs to sleep before time becomes day. Also Premium + players do not need to do this Premium + users now have access to /god /heal /jumpto, /vanish, /ptime, /repair, /speed, /skull, /hat, /back Use /tpa to ask for teleportation Players get access to /tptoggle to stop users tping to the, (excluding staff) Updated worldedit plugin Updated jobs plugin Fixed issue with GriefPrevention. Now works for users properly Updated jobs configuration to fix JRCash exploiting Fixed small bugs with JR minecraft <-> website login system Re-added shop chest. You can now sell or buy things from other players by creating shops in survival. Video on how to do this is below. Due to grief prevention: a player can create shops only in regions where he/she is allowed to open chests.
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    Claiming land on our survival server

    Hi Everyone! Just a quick and self explanatory guide on how to claim land on our survival server on Minecraft. Note: you will need a Golden Shovel to resize claims. To first create your claim, you place a Minecraft chest. You will see the blocks highlighted with a border around it. To resize this claim, you will need claim blocks. You can see how many claim blocks you have when you equip a golden shovel. Right click an edge with a golden shovel and move away from the claim and right click again on a block to extend the claim. Video on resizing a claim: d937d07ee5684e28d2ddd8bab3cf6e87.mp4 You get a limited amount of Claim blocks. This can be extended by playing more on the server. TIP: If the border disappears you can make it re-appear by re-equipping the golden shovel. The full command list is below: Command Description Aliases Permission /AbandonClaim Deletes the claim you're standing in. claims /ClaimExplosions Toggles if explosions are allowed in the claim. claims /Trust Gives another player permission to edit in your claim. /t claims /UnTrust Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim. /ut claims /AccessTrust Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds. /at claims /ContainerTrust Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals. /ct claims /TrustList Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in. claims /SubdivideClaims Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims. /sc claims /BasicClaims Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode. /bc claims /PermissionTrust Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others. /pt claims /Untrust All Removes all permissions for all players in your claim. claims /AbandonAllClaims Deletes all of your claims. claims /BuyClaimBlocks Converts server money to claim blocks. /BuyClaim buysellclaimblocks /SellClaimBlocks Converts claim blocks to server money. /SellClaim buysellclaimblocks /GivePet Gives away a tamed animal. givepet /ClaimsList Lists a player's claims and claim block details. claims /IgnorePlayer Ignores a target player's chat messages. /Ignore ignore /UnIgnorePlayer Un-ignores a target player's chat messages. /UnIgnore ignore /IgnoredPlayerList Lists all players currently ignored. /IgnoreList ignore /Siege Besieges a player (disabled by default). siege /Trapped Gets a player out of a land claim he's trapped inside. trapped /UnlockDrops Allows other players to pick up items you dropped when you died. unlockdrops Other useful videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDsjXB-BaE0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3FLCFam5LI&amp;t=181s
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    JR runs so many servers now at this stage, unfortunately for us this comes with a price. Money yes Tons of resources yeah, that too Managing servers are the hardest part While we monitor our servers and keep backup's for 5 days of maps at a time if we are not advised there is a problem with a game server we may not find out till it's too late Why 5 days? Because of resources, we can not financially hold more backups than this due to space constraints. Just a note here before I continue. Don't assume a problem has been reported, if you have an issue with our servers REPORT IT! IF we are not told in time it may be too late. What to do if there is a issue with a server? Visit our Help Centre found here; https://jrnetwork.net/help/help-center/ Report the issue with either a official support ticket / community help forum post. You can also notify us in #gameserverhelp on discord! Recently players have only PMed me issues, this will not do! Unfortunately I am not around 24/7 this is why I have staff to help. If you only message me privately staff are not informed and can not take action. We have staff for a reason, please follow proper procedure if an error occurs, a server goes down, or if the map is lost. NEVER PM JUST ONE MEMBER OF STAFF, REPORT IT CORRECTLY AS STAFF MAY BE ON HOLIDAY, SICK, OUT, BUSY WITH LIFE, WHATEVER THEY ARE DOING. The Ark Island Server In relation to this The Island map has been reset and there is no way back. On trying to revert a back up the earliest I had was the 12th. Which didn't contain users builds etc. I hate to turn round and tell users there is no way to get their stuff back. This is caused due to Structures plus. EVERY TIME it updates it causes a map issue like this and there is nothing I can do but revert the map backup which fixes the issue.
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    Minecraft Community Build

    We will be holding a community event in Minecraft today, please join in with the fun! Server IP (JAVA EDITION OF MINECRAFT) play.jrcraft.net:25565 Plans today: Work on community town Finish Admin shop within town Everyone welcome to join, also please join our discord session while we play: https://discord.jrnetwork.net
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    Hey everyone, just curious to see what kinds of awesome builds everyone is either in the process of making or have built recently! I'm currently in the middle of re-creating Silver Millennium from Sailor Moon (pictured below). Leave pictures!
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    Life changing event

    firstly, congratulations. As the people above have said, your best bet is to sit down with her and properly talk. Get all the problems out into the air just go for it and come up with solutions to them. If you don't talk, it'll only get worse. Do whatever is best for the kids. You must be feeling a lot of anxiety right now. too Best to try and get things sorted. Don't want things getting worse. Depression can be serious. Feel free to vent on here, we will all listen. Best advice i can give not being in this type of situation before. I hope it all goes well for you though.
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    Have fun if the plugin isn't updated, 1.13 broke all world generation plugins
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    I'm very tempted to sort out a skylands map within the survival server. Hmmm
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    I know I'm not going to start working on this anytime soon, but I eventually want to create a chain of floating islands similar to this
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    Share your home screen(s)

    Pretty interesting and original home screen
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    I mean like I'm just working on whatever this room is gonna end up being
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    Platform plus mod

    We did have something similar to this I believe but it was removed I think due to people not wanting it. @IAMSNOWMAN what do you think of this mod? Did we have something like this? I honestly can't remember
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    Worst game you've ever played?

    I would like to nominate the world renowned and personally useless game "7 days to die" or as me and @Chris found out 7 Hours to find your mate, 7 minutes to realise we're getting no where and 7 seconds to refund ^>^! I personally did not enjoy this game at all! I have a vast library of games I could go through but due to the expierence we had in such a short time i feel this is the title that comes to mind!
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    Worst game you've ever played?

    I was really looking forwards to House Flipper, the idea behind it seems absolutely awesome The reality was.. slightly less, and consisted of me buying out people's houses then just smashing all the walls down and selling said smashed out walls for profit. The game was a great idea, but poorly executed in my opinion
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    Jrcraft survival city build

    I'm working on my own house too, currently rebuilding the exterior as I decided to change what wood blocks I was using (I do not recommend doing that after you've built most of the exterior)
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    Due to JRCash and JRRewards in it's infancy as a beta service as described in a previous news post we may have to reset JRCash due to the beta if exploitation occurs. Since it has we have had to reset JR Cash. This is to keep things fair for all members. We do not intend this to happen again, we know this is annoying for users who have earned JRCash previously. While we have reset JRCash we are giving all users a multiplier of 2x JRCash for the next week as an apology and a thank you for working with us through this hard time.
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    Jrcraft survival city build

    Correction, me and sophie did that house together 🙂 *mainly sophie
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    Removal of ark server (scorched earth)

    Scorched earth has been disable now for the foreseeable future
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    Removal of ark server (scorched earth)

    my thoughts would be to save the server and replace ith with the extinction map when it releases this november. But agreed that it could be replaced.
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    JR has jumped ahead of the curve and setup a rend server. Due to current server flaws with the REND server we can not query a REND server for our server list or give an IP to connect as you can not direct connect! Well how do I connect? Easy! Search [EU] JR-Network in the server browser. If you have any queries please go to our discord at https://discord.jrnetwork.net and post in #gameserverhelp
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    Fallout 76

    I am excited to see what direction the game goes in and am proud of the fact i've pre ordered since announcement
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    Have fun running into the spawn protection that's right next to my house!
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