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    What has happened...

    I realize that it has been a while since I last played, but seriously; What has happened to JR? I played for about 3-4 hours today and not once was there more than 6 people. I was on the RPG server and there wasn't more than 5 people there the entire time. At one point, for about and hour or so, there was only me and an AFK Frosty. Is the server, simply, more active at different time (I played from 6ish to 9ish pm EST)? Is the server simply just on a decline? If anyone has any insight please let me know below because, frankly, I am concerned. This server has always been one that I enjoy playing on and I would be fairly sad if this server went down the drain, like oh so many others do. Again please let me know if you know anything about this lack of players. Thanks, -Kav (IGN-kav0503)
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    Revamping JR

    Well, I think a lot of the server's charm has left. The problem I see is that there's barely ever anyone on, and they're not usually the fun people, either. What JR used to be to me was a sense of fun loving Minecraft community that was always welcoming new people. However, most of those people are gone. I think the issue here is getting people to stay. You can only build so many castles before you move on to play other things. If I recall, JR levels was originally used to get people to stay, (Talking about the RP server) because it gave them a sense of accomplishment. Don't remember why we stopped using it, but I know that now mcMMO is implemented to try to do a similar thing. The thing is though, is that if you come late to the game, someone will always trump you. There's going to be someone who's played longer so they have higher points, and no matter how hard you work, they're working just as hard to make sure you don't catch up, making you sit there and say, "What's the point?" We might need a new system, one that can't be manipulated by who's been playing longer. What it'll be, I'm not sure. I'm only putting it out on the table. Just try your best to improve things around here, and it'll show.
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