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    Hey Guys, I started playing again about a week ago leaning how things are now on the server, I noticed that the only way to make money is by owning a shop or voting. I'm not sure about the shops, I've never seen this plugin and not sure how it all works. But no one is allowing to have things sold to them...its really hard for me to buy anything that I need/want with this. I don't have a shop not sure how to get one, don't really want one either. Mostly cuz I don't want to keep up with it as I hated having shops before. So I vote for the money that I make, but the problem is I don't make that much by voting (not enough to get the things I want). I think there should be another way of making money, Now I know that there are some plugins that you can kill mobs can get like 1$ or something. or there is the jobs plugin but I do know that a lot of the time the jobs plugin will hurt the economy (so I've been told). ~JuggaGirl
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    Tomb Raider

    With these two screenshots above taken from in game I can for sure admit graphically this game is awesome, Beautiful yada yada... and let me say personally for me the game-play doesn't fall short !! I love the Tomb Raider franchise and have been apart of it proudly since the PlayStation 1 games with the triangular chest and oddly shaped head with guns that made a sound before the light but they were amazing, and then to follow up to legend, anniversary and underworld, Anniversary re living the classic memories from the Originals and bringing them to modern day graphics (or current gen at the time) running from bolders, climbing cliffs, jumping off mountains to then being mauled by wolfs, crocodiles, tigers, monkeys and even dinosaurs all over again... and yes even that was fun!! And now to be thrown back into the love for Tomb Raider as the new next gen game is set to make an appearance within the coming year as Rise of the Tomb Raider is expected to come some time next year with a timed exclusive on Microsoft consoles before later appearing on other platforms such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC I have also attached the Official reveal trailer for the game All attached screenshots are 1920x1080p resolution Enjoy
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    Tomb Raider

    Growing up I have always watched Ma play pretty much all the PS1 Tomb Raider games. When I heard a new one was coming out, Pa and I had to get it for her! Not only that, but the commercials for it were epic! The music in it also had the touch to it like it was made for it, very well done I might say [Fired Earth Music - From Dusk to Fall] I am less than an hour into the game, so once I beat I will maybe post something more in depth; however, what I can say now is that this game brings a more human element into the game. Almost like the last of us. Instead of always being invincible, after your character is hurt, it seems like they are really hurt till they heal. The voice acting also seems to have more emotion in it as well. Furthermore, much like the last of us but maybe to a lesser degree so far, stunning graphics! The new tomb raider is more human as in not ultra skinny and unrealistic proportioned? The story line also seems to be setting up quite well! Again this is all at a quick glance, so I will post more once I beat the game! Let me know what you think and what your experiences are with this game! Thanks, Anio
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    Tomb Raider

    This is one of those games I've started and really enjoyed but then for some reason just stopped It's definitely on my summer list to play through though. I haven't got too far but I really enjoy it so far. Only thing is last time I tried to play on it I had completely forgot the controls so I might have to start from the start I'd definitely recommend it though.
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