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    Jamie Finn

    Long time no Speak!

    Hey Guys, sorry that I haven't been around for a while. So here's some updates about myself: My Youtube channel has reached 5000 subscribers. I am a Radio Presenter and have a new show on Stafford FM 6-7 GMT every Wednesday all about gaming. I am in Year 11 doing my GCSEs and that's really about it. Hope to see you all around!
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    What's Happening, JR

    Many times have I dissappeared in the last two years, A lot has happened in my life which has otherwise caused a decline at JR, The team has been demotivated, I haven't been around to be able to work on the love of my life (being this community) and I have actually half a life right now. JR - > Are We Staying? Big answer to that is yes, I haven't lost my vision, many of my team have been I'm still visioning a vast community of players, doing one thing and one thing best, Playing games. There has been rumours over social media that we have dead, that I am closing JR down, and seriously guys, I haven't. We will soon be coming back properly with a better way of working, more organization, more events, more prizes and best of all I'm working on a better, easier to use website. I have already started working on the better website, but it's not quite there yet. From January the 1st I will be promising to make an appearance at least an hour a day and from now I have been starting to work on where we are going and what is actually our plan of action. Why not quit? JR has been in my life since I created it when I was 13, I'm now 21. That's 8 years, nearly 9. We have had our ups, our downs. I currently work for a retail chain called, Harvey Norman and I feel that my work at Harvey Norman has increased the way I think, act and do. I want to get us working again, some people will look at this forum post and say I've seen this all before. But this is not the same. Will we change in anyway? Yes, but change is good, change is needed, staff changes are needed, game changes are needed and I can not wait to continue to work on something I started. Chris, Frosty and Caly I hope you know I need you more than ever right now, We will sort this. JR will sort this. More to come.... JR, It's here to stay.
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    We definitely care. You know as well as us that the maps got corrupted and we always have said this straight out when it happens. If you had messaged us sooner on the map I would have been able to restore a backup. If we didn't care about our players I wouldn't personally be spending over 170 a month on JR ans putting so much time aside to do things at JR. I need a new car and if I wouldn't have spent the amount of money on JR I wouldn't be taking out a loan right now. Please don't be trying to put so much negativity due to an issue outside of our control (ark crashes and corrupts. This isn't our fault) we put so much work in keeping everyone happy. It upsets me when our players are annoyed, not playing or not chatting about an issue. If people talk and speak out I will sort things as I have on many occasions. I do this to make people smile, to create friendships in the world through games, to give people a safe space to talk and communicate with people. My community is everything to me, its my passion and I hope after reading this that you understand this.
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    Look ma, put it on the fridge

    @Jamie, my son- how dare you not have high quality/recent pictures for me to use as reference you monster [screaming]
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    Returning to JR?

    It's summer best time to give out 3 months (In case you need it to make your life easier my in game name is: Harsol ) What brought you back to JR: 50% of the reason that I joined JR-Craft in the first place is the well built non-grief environment and being able to protect your builds no mater the size. The other 50% was being able to fly for free. Widening my building opportunities to the extremes. But the number one reason i have stayed and cam back over the years is the small community of people that were attracted to the same build an be creative aspect of the game. What would you like to see at JR: Larger community and active staff members. Are you happy with the current changes: yes, I do miss the fly a little but not having it adds the challenge that I need in this game. (if you make a post about fly i can comment further) Any other comments? Honestly I am supersized and happy that JR is still here and I am glad to see you all trying so hard to make it great again. Thank You, Harsol
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    How did you find JR?

    A more unoriginal story here, but I remember going down PMC's servers back in the day and finding JR... The main appeal was fly mode being allowed in survival, and the comprehensive three world system: survival, hardcore, and creative (I think this happened a little later, but I loved the appeal of each world). I remember building a little house on a little island and being very happy, with a Moderator (maybe @Callum ♥, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Minecon) helping me claim the land (another great feature of JR). I certainly have some amazing memories from JR, being able to share the excitement with my friends from school (@Mecmax and various others), along with friends formed through JR (many of which were staff members). It was back when Mumble was used instead of Skype for staff conversations so I got to listen in and get the inside scoop on what was going on. Anyway, thank-you for all the good times, and here's to more to come .
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    Happy birthday, TeozFrank!

    Happy birthday, @TeOzFrAnK. Hope you have a good one.
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    How did you find JR?

    For me It all started one snowy day in December (the 5th to be exact) I stumbled and fell upon planet minecraft and went through a few servers, none really caught my attention, all seemed too simple and like they had a pattern... Then I noticed a recently updated server posted under the following of play.jrcraft.net. Something seemed to call out to me and I decided to log in and was greeted with a large spawn and a very snow themed build with gorgeous fountains and I quickly registered from instructions given by a member/staff member who was there to meet me.... As soon as I registered I began to fall in love with the simple things that stood out, one of course being the ability to use flight from the get go... to me that was amazing and allowed me to expand on my already poor creations with even worse extensions with multiple levels. Flight only being one of the many things that I enjoyed about the server and within the first 16 hours I had ran to the bank just to cache in my last £20 to obtain the premium rank and to gain access to the vanish plugin allowing me to be a snowy ninja, to use the god mode ability and kick creeper butts like an absolute boss!! and many other things. The main reason behind my purchase was not to be a boss, a ninja or even above others in regards to what I could do, my intention was based mainly on now having the ability to be apart of the community and assist fellow players with small tasks suck as mining, digging out land, transporting stuff for them and bouncing around the map like it was nobody's business... being nosey pretty much All I wanted truly was to advance my options and grow in the community to create a place I wanted to play. Within the first week I befriended and made life long friends to this day with a lot of people including now fellow staff members such as Chris and surprisingly yes even Jamie himself along with a few staff members who are unfortunately no longer with the team due to personal complications, changes in life or other reasons ( of these members of course I will never forget each one that crafted my place here in JR each in their own way making it a learning curve and honor to have them in the community) Over the coming weeks my actions came to the attention of members of the staff team and I was able to strengthen friendships between each member and especially after speaking with Jamie on a personal level and creating a strong trusting friendship with him I was offered to become a member of the JR Staff Team and as you do I said yes with no hesitation, I now had a role, responsibility and most of all a challenge to myself to allow others to share the fun and excitement I had found only weeks before, to Experience the things I loved and continue to push my learning and respect for the hard work into my role l Before finding JR I must admit Minecraft for me was nothing but a pass time for when I was bored, single player was becoming drained and repetitive but since then it has quickly become an annoyingly addictive way to meet people and give as much back to the social community as much as I possibly could with any power I had During My Short time doing what I do for this for the community here at JR Craft I Have went from Citizen To Senior Staff / EU Head Which for me has been the best experience I have had I'am proud to hold the title in which i do - It was a true honor to be selected for an opportunity like this and in doing so I have sure learned skills to take into further life, parent hood and day to day challenges I could never thank every single member enough for what has been put into this community weather its public on our servers or behind closed doors, the end result for me in all honesty was life changing and will forever continue to grow no matter what Although i have heard that some players are not so happy of my quick promotions, most of the others say i deserved it and all I can say is it's happened and it is now my rank and role to represent to the best that I can and I will do all that I can to prove myself good enough to hold it I aim to be as much assistance as I can and over the years I have obtained the ability to handle many different types of people and situations in which this will be used to fulfill the tasks set. I am not talented in regards to how servers operate, nor do I have much knowledge of how to make things work or what needs to change, I look for the best in all situations and sometimes that's my weakness as well as my strength, I have been through my downs just as much as anyone else to the point I've considered leaving the team before when I truly beat myself up and I was never turned away, for that above all I hope to continue making JR a place it deserves to be and hopefully my input matters. Thank You for reading Kind regards Frosty
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    Welcome back Flaw

    Flaw, Ruppi, Flawless, What ever you'd like to call him has been a long standing member at JR, after a small argument between myself and flaw, flaw wanted a break away from JR and it was unlikely that he'd return. Well, guess who's back. Welcome back to the team Ruppi, It's a pleasure to have you back with new ideas. Ruppi is starting out as moderator again till he finds his feet
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    How did you find JR?

    Well, I don't know how I can say I found JR, specifically because I created JR. But I created JR for a number of reasons. I was being bullied and wanted to "rebel" against the majority of **holes I wasn't doing well in school as nothing interested me in school I wanted to prove to the world I could do something that would help others I like making people smile and since I started JR we have smiled we have frowned and sometimes even cried. Relationships have been created from members meeting up from JR, which I think is amazing. JR since I started has changed over 100 times, each time getting better and better, JR is now about games but it used to be a free for all, I'm so glad that we all have JR to turn too when we need a place to get away and relax. I created JR because I wanted to help others, I hope I may have helped you some way in your life after you found JR.
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    Please read before changing MineCraft IGN

    After the new update you are now able to change your MineCraft IGN! However please be careful when doing so as not all plugins are updated to work with the change of ign. Until such time when these plugins have been updated please read and follow this carefully: You may lose your inventory if you change your ign. To avoid this please put your items into a chest first. Any chests or doors you use will need to be unlocked with the /unlock command. If you do not do this you will not be able to use your chests or doors after updating username. Once you have updated your username you will need to lock your chests/doors again to stop others using them. This can be done with /lock or /cprivate . Initially it will appear that you have lost your rank (your name will appear grey). To fix this you will need to do the following on the website: Log in to your account. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select MySettings. Scroll to the bottom and enter your new username in the 'Minecraft Username' Field. This MUST be accurate. That should be about it. If there are any other issues please don't hesitate to mention them and I'll try to improve this for the future. If anything changes (a plugin updates to work with username changes) I'll update it on here too Kind Regards, Kyle
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    A hard decision

    Ever since my friends invited me onto this server, I started playing on it daily, I started to learn the names of the members and staff, Learned the way that JR wants to run. I joined the server at the age of 13/14. Played on it to this very day. When I got to talking to staff often, I started wanting to help JR grown and be a better community. I would stay on all night while all the EU staff were sleeping, and take screen shots of people cursing, cheating, or griefing. (being a tattle tale) I tried everything I could to become apart of the staff. It was my dream goal to one day be wearing a red name tag in the Minecraft server under "Admin". I maybe tried too hard to become staff as I would try and beat the staff to the problem and try to fix it myself. Posted on forums to try and get activity up. I tried all I could, attended every meeting. The day came on my 16th birthday I could apply for helper. I was so happy, It took a few days for them to look over it but finally I was accepted as a Helper. I was the happiest guy alive. Then I continued to strive to work up the ranks and do my best and help the Owner, Admins, and Mods in anyway I could. When I was promoted to Grief Police at the time, was another amazing day for me, I ran around my house (literally) to get my excitement out of the way. Grief Police was later merged into Moderator, Which is where I stand. I have thought about this for many days. This might be the hardest thing I have ever had to do. There comes a point in our lives where we all must say goodbye to something, someone, or some place that we love. It's never easy. But today I must make one of those hard goodbyes, Today is the day I feel I must step down from management. There are a few reasons for this. First, my current life situation doesn't give me a whole lot of time to be active enough to help and support the server/community. Second, I joined this community for the Minecraft aspect, and as I feel the majority of the community is now past the Minecraft aspect. I feel there is not much for me to do here. Third, I don't really offer any help anymore. Everything JR as a whole needs help with from staff is either beyond my abilities or in games that I do not own or play. I will never forget this amazing time I have had here, nor will I ever leave the community. This will always be my home, staying up late talking to members and staff. Getting to know such amazing people. Everyone here has had a place in my heart since I got to know them. All the staff were so helpful and caring. I have never had bad times being here. I have always had people to rely on and count on to pick me up when I'm feeling down. I will always recommended this place to anyone as it is nothing but inspiration. So many amazing unique people. I wish I coulda done more for the server but I did what I was capable of doing. This my last post as staff at JR. I will always remember and love this place. I hope one day I will be able to bring my daughter to come play here. ❤️ People that I want to thank specifically: Serena, Djexecute, Noni, JuggaGirl, Chris, harsol, kickyabutt24, Barbermiss, Mrcoconut2012, AnioNovus, p4ck3ts3nd3r, Risen Havoc, UploadGFX, Daisuke, Lightning Potatoe People that really made an impact on me: Sophie and Frosty. I am sorry if I forget anyone, there were a lot of people so many years ago that were so fun to talk to and play with. Most importantly thank you Jamie for making this a thing and keeping it going even in rough times. I wish I coulda done more to support financially. But thank you for making this all possible I will not forget you.
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    Screenshot of 5 dinos

    Hey guys! Please post screenshots of the 5 dinos that you want to keep here! 🤩
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    Need help / ideas

    My advice for the JR supplydrop would be: Dino's: 5 Dinos currently owned by players to take with you (including current dino lvl) 5 Cryopods 1 saddle per chosen dinos Utility: 200 cooked meat 500 narcotics 250 stimulant 50 taming sedative 20 element Gear: 1-2 Metal Hatchet 1-2 Metal Pick 1-2 Metal sickle 1 Metal pike 1 shotgun 50 shotgun rounds 1 Crossbow 50 arrows 1 set of flak gear 1 backpack (if still used) 1 Canteen Buildings: 16 foundations 1 dino gate 1 dino gateway 16 Ceilings 56 Walls 1 vault 1 upgrade station + attachments (if still used) This should let ppl have a decent start without giving to much of a head start to newer players. Please review the list and let me know what you guys think. Maybe some stuff needs to be removed or added.
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    This should be in a blog article but I said I'd pop it in the forum chat in case people want to discuss the situation. Recently a lot has happened causing my absence at JR. So what's happened: Car broke down on a sunday About a month and a bit my car broke down. I lost all power and my car was basically able to speed up to around at max 60km/hr. Took it to the garage, one problem was the fact a bolt went on the exhaust manifold meaning there was no pressure to the turbo. After they resolve that issue I got a call from the garage saying your turbo is also gone. So I had to wait another few days for the turbo to be replaced. I was working from home in the week and a half while my car was getting repaired. My car got rammed After I picked up the car (literally was driving for an hour) a driver, who was on the phone rammed in to me at a speed of 60 - 70km/hr. There was a car in front of me turning right. I had come to a halt, looked in my mirror and a guy who was on the phone. Rammed the rear of my car cause nearly 1700 euro damage. I was took away to A and E due to shock and whiplash. The guy who crashed in to me was arrested due to a supposed outstanding warrant for his arrest. (Weird he didn't run after he hit me). With this whole ordeal the gent didn't produce a licence or insurance documentation which mean the cops here are now after him in relation to this now too. Which also means it's a more drawn out process getting my money back from getting my car repaired. Luckily work is helping me sort the bill out. (If they didn't help I'd be in worse shape). I've been staying in limerick after this whole ordeal. I couldn't spend a month or so on my own at home (I was getting lonely as it was the week my car broke down) For the first week after the incident I was sleeping for the week as I couldn't muster the energy to do anything. How's me after this? I'm still suffering after effects of the whiplash. I'm having trouble sleeping, my neck, shoulders and back are in pain after it. It's been very hard to deal with the pain and I know for certain I never want to suffer this again. It's been causing me to be really tired and I can't stop falling asleep in the middle of trying to remotely work. What's happening now? I'm still waiting for my car from the garage which should be done this Wednesday. It's going to be weird as I haven't drove properly for over a month and a bit now. I'm trying to get my life back on track and my solicitor is currently dealing with all the paperwork. I'll be coming back to JR and starting to help develop our services further and we will be holding staff meetings again pretty soon when I get back to normality. For the people who play and use JR I hope you now understand what I have been going through. All the redtape I've had to go through has been tough and that is why, while I have been putting comments in every now and again I've been pretty absent from all JR related activities. I can't wait to come back and continue to work on my life project. If you have any questions please let me know here and I'll reply when I see them. Thanks to everyone who has wished me well and who have spoken to me on discord. I appreciate everyone's support
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    If you have played for a while you'll know me. If you're new... Hi I am Leslee better known as BarberMiss. or Barb. I live in Kentucky in the US. I am a Barber who is Female and single ergo Barber Miss. I'm not the oldest player by far but I am up there. This December I will turn 57....pushing 60 ...wow feels weird to say it. I enjoy Minecraft because it's relaxing to me. I love to build, decorate, farm, and hunt for treasure. I used to be an Admin but I have forgotten almost all that I learned after being gone for so long. I will try to help if I am able, so just ask. Hope to see you in play!
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    Taming rate

    While the higher lvls sure take some time, nobody is forced to go for lvl300 right from the start. A lvl50-100 is able to farm the resources for sedatives without any problems. The pain starts with getting max lvls and this should still be some effort. I started with a lvl ~50 trike and made my way up to higher lvls. (lvl40 bronto was next for bigger weight and more berries^^). The only reason to up the taming rate would be passive dinos since it can really take some time... But on the other hand you can grab most dinos and put them into a taming pen so no other dinos disturb you. Get the kibble needed before you go for max lvl and simply invest some work. I can understand why people want higher rates but how many dinos do you tame passive? It's not like you have to tame new dinos every day. Investing 1-2 days (to prepare) to get a male+female and easily breed them (nanny+hatchery = no effort at all to breed) are fair in my opinion.
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    Pickup mod

    Can you link the steam mod page so others can read about it?
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    It's been a while and I've returned from my dark dank basement with yet more art. As with last time, because of the time gap I don't want to revive the old thread. -And here's what I'm doing Right now
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    Open up community to console users

    We have a JR Xbox Club and I'll be getting playstation organized soon enough. I don't want everything PC orientated so I'll be putting a link to our xbox club and other console groups soon. Unfortunatley there is no widget or API to show members in the club etc.. I do agree to open forums for the official console groups. Maybe if you want to open one for Xbox for now and a general section under a Console category in the forum? ***Moved to Accepted***
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    Returning to JR?

    Premium is a big plus for all our members, since the re, re, re-release of JR we have done a lot of changes, so due to this we are giving away 3 month 6 month premium membership to every member who has a valid account that was created before 2016-01-01. If you are a previous member and you've not redeemed this offer just post below in the format: What brought you back to JR: What would you like to see at JR: Are you happy with the current changes: Any other comments? Once this is completed you will receive your premium membership within 24 hours. Jamie
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    JRCash - It's Here

    Hi guys, As promised JRCash is now on the website. This system allows us to have ingame cash on all our gaming servers as well as our website. This will allow you to get cash from posting on the forum and it'll enable you to purchase in game items and soon merchandise! Please note JR Cash is a virtual currency, it does not hold any real world value. For posting you willl now receive JRCash as follows. A normal forum will give you 25 cash for each topic created, 10 cash for every reply and 5 cash for every reply will be awarded back to the topic creator A forum game topic will get you 10 cash for each topic created, 5 cash for every reply and no cash will be awarded back to the topic creator A suggestion topic will get you 35 cash for each suggestion created, 10 cash for every reply and 5 cash will be awarded back to the topic creator Introduction topic will get you 50 cash for each topic created, 10 cash for every reply and 5 cash will be awarded to the topic creator Due to this system in place Admins will only be able to add cash via a logged system on the forum. They will not be allowed to add cash from any game server. Only rewards will be able to be added and for proper purpose. The privacy policy, website rules will be updated to facilitate this new system soon and as for post spamming, it's not allowed still. You will get a warning / ban if you are found to be spamming things that are off topic or one word posts. This is to stop people spamming for money only. To synchronise your cash to and from the minecraft server you will need to login to survive. If you want to update it while in game type /cbsync. We will improving and adding things to this system soon, but for now it's setup and working. If you get any issues or problems with the system please contact me directly. PLEASE NOTE THERE COULD BE A POSSIBLE DUPLICATE GLITCH, SINCE IT'S VERY HARD TO REPLICATE, ANYONE WHO CAN REPLICATE THIS WILL GET A REWARD OF PREMIUM, IF IT HAPPENS AND IS EXPLOITED YOU WILL GET YOUR POINTS RESET AND POSSIBLE WARNING / BAN. IF IT HAPPENS TO MEMBERS YOU WILL GET THE DUPLICATE POINTS REMOVED.
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    I would like to show you all what one day with "fly" can do. These first 3 images are what I did in 5 days without Fly. THEN! This is what i accomplished in merely one day with fly! Thank you @Jamie For the FREE 3 months premium so i can fly !
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    Challenge Me (Achievements)

    Victorian is SUPER hard when building small! But here is what I came up with. It's 12 long, 13 wide, and 12 tall. /warp harsol_victorian
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    Thank you very much for helping keep JR running. Your contribution is very appreciated and we hope that you enjoy the premium services.. You are the man.
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    There was an issue with the paypal system, I have resolved this and you should be able to buy premium from http://jrcraft.net/store
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    Creative Poll

    I especially like the fact that it isn't just flat land. I would like to see some animals and villagers. The lots are a good size. Is it possible to add plot markers? I had some issues with sand and gravel blocks becoming invisible. I had to place a block at their location so I could see them to remove them. Overall, I like creative this way a lot more than flat land. Rob
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    Happy birthday, TeozFrank!

    Thanks guys
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    A single chat channel - JRCraft

    Update, This is installed, permissions are still to be fully sorted but so far so good, I will introduce a few things with the new chat plugin: Global chat - This is chat across all servers formatted the same Trade / help / staff / admin / premium / local channels - These are joinable chat rooms, you can join them by: /g - Global /serv - Server that your playing on /h - Help global channel /t - Trade channel /a - Admin Channel (only for admins) /sc - Staff Channel (only for staff) /p - Premium channel (only for premium users) Tip system, not available fully yet but by clicking the dollar on peoples name you will be able to tip players $10 Nicknames will be available again soon to premium + players Spamming plugin updated to work properly with chat plugin Please note if there is bugs to file a bug report on the forums.
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    Welcome to the Team MecMax

    Due to outstanding posts around the forum and enthusiasm I have gave Mecmax a chance to become a moderator at JR, He has accepted and being promoted to moderator, I hope you all welcome Mecmax in to the JR Staff team! - Jamie
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    How did you find JR?

    My theory, @Flaw, is that you are a conscious but abstract being that Jamie created when he created JR, so it's normal that you don't have any early memories. You then expanded your reach to video games like Minecraft and eventually took on a real human form that fools you into thinking you've always existed.
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    Hi guys i would love to bring a build to JRCRAFT of erebor i been working on for over 9 months or more hmmmm and anionovus thinks it be wicked also being on jrcraft cause i would like him to build a dungeon and also help do the mountain around it and for people to view the over all build cause its a waste i think just sitting on single player map i would like to share it if possible and anio-novus would help complete it i am also uploading pictures of my build so you can see it if you want more datails or want to see it i can host it on my pc for staff on jr my game name is totaldomination
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    I been building erebor now for at least between 9 months maybe even longer and if jrcraft would like it on there server i be glad to share it cause its sitting in single player and its kinda pointless there now so i would love to show it but its not fully completed but anio-novus has said he would gladly help me if it was on jrcraft and i told him also he could add dungeons and functions for it so it has multi functional use thats if jrcraft will allow it i been playing on jrcraft now for a very long time so i thought it be nice for me to bring some thing to jrcraft if you want to see the build i can give you a ip address which i can host it so you can see it let me know
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    So hey guys, girls, ladies and gentleman of the JR Forums I am here today to tell you about a plan that I have re-birthed, an idea for my own personal expense in gaming and to reach out to others and share this involving as many awesome people I meet along the way and just trying to grow past my quiet gaming that I do. what I mean by this is I wish to grow forward towards streaming, YouTube videos etc, I am edging closer to starting this up with help from a friend who agreed to join me in this adventure and help behind the scenes with GFX, Intro's, Thumbnails etc and has offered to put more time into carrying me forward and keeping my head high on times where I may feel useless or that I lack things so the YouTube Channel is: https://www.youtube.com/user/FrostBlastGaming My Twitch Account where I will be streaming is: http://www.twitch.tv/frostblastgaming/profile My Instagram is: http://instagram.com/Rainbow_Snowman I want to be a little different and really interact with the viewers and subscribers that may be gained over the coming months to further expand my experience and learn about what my viewers enjoy to then grow on Soon the channel will with feature games such as GTA V (PS4), Shadow Of Mordor (PC), Elder scrolls online (PC), Watchdogs (PS) and I must mention that I am highly open to any suggestions to try for you guys and will happily put any money I have to purchase a higher demanded game I ask you and anyone else who views to leave comments and feedback so that I can move in the right direction for what suits the majority of viewers that I may gain (: Hate as we know the internet bring a lot of - will be ignored and blocked, I do not plan to share content just to be slated, Only your own time will be wasted I must ask you to bear with me as my internet is bad so until that is improved I can't promise scheduled uploads or streams but in time that will be possible Until then my fellow #FrozenSoldiers Keep calm and game on!
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    our pleasant and very helpful staff

    Man I haven't been on Jr I about a year n all I can think about is our server masters wonderful music. I miss the streams n music request. I miss Jamie jammin with our Jr family. I also miss my dearest barbermiss. I would have to da without her, switch, Jamie, n frost I would not have the respect for Jr like i do now. It is because of them I check in on Jr every once in a while. May not b to play but just to chat n catch up with em. But because of them they made me feel welcomed and loved. Always being respectful to us and always entertaining us. Guys I miss ya n hopin to hang with yall on Jr pretty soon. Just shouting out my respect for yall. Much love to our staff and Jr community.
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    Hi i'm xjake7

    I am xJake7 and I have joined JR around a fortnight ago, but I was a member of JR a few months ago but wasn't very active so I left. I want to be a lot more active in the JRNetwork and in the Discord. I look forward to talking to all of you. Bye for now 😄
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    HI Guys, I have as you know being rather sick for the last near to a week. I'm back now and I'm doing an event ! Please let us know you are going with the going button on the left <------ Please note the following will be happening tomorrow: We will discuss on our Discord General channel. (https://discord.jrnetwork.net) a few things about JR and what I envision JR to be in the future at 8 PM - 9PM. (Random games will be given away also) There is a minecraft build event which starts from 9 PM GMT +0 (Prize #1 is REND + 5000 JR Cash, Prize #2 Is 5000 JR Cash and Prize #3 is 3000 JR Cash )https://www.rendgame.com) More information on the event will be given tomorrow at 9 PM. The build event will be an hour long, winners will be displayed on JR and our Social pages At 10 PM We either continue to play minecraft or switch to TF2.
  38. 3 points

    Life changing event

    So has a select few of you know of my situation. I planned on making this post later this month. But honestly its all my friends and I kinda talk about cause I just always need so much help and advice. Most of you will be too young to give help really cause hopefully you wont be in my situation until your older and more stable and ready to handle it (being financial). Begging of this year (2018) I managed to grab myself a girlfriend from work. We spent as much time as we could together when we weren't working. We had a good time and loved being together. We are both the same age as I am 1 month older then her. She has had more relationships and stuff before me and I knew all this before I asked her out. So I was ok with it. the main thing is, She has a 3 year old daughter. At first it was a challenge getting her kid to like me and be comfortable with me. after week and week of being with the kid and her she finally realized im not scary and we got along. Being able to play "do" makeup together and our hair and what not. Around the time of late April early May she came to me with big and important news. I didn't exactly know what to expect. she sat me down. And as she was very worried of my reaction she then told me that she has been pregnant since early March. At first I didn't know what to say, feel, or respond. I just wanted everyone to be happy. But as I have had more time to think of it I am excited to have a little Carter (my name) or Ravek JR growing up to take my shoes. To this day I am mostly just worried as I want the best for my child. She is due early January and I will not find out the gender until the 22nd of this month. which is why I wanted to wait so long to make this. But me and the mother are not having the best of relations right now which is making things even harder for me. As I don't want my child to grow up with split parents or just 1 parent for that matter. I currently don't have a job either, so money is weighing heavily on my back right now, as well as time. I'm trying my best to keep the mother happy so we can stay together, but again things are going downhill faster then I can catch up with, and its not looking good honestly. To top it all off my IRL friends aren't really supporting me like they said they would and I thought they would. I have had 2 groups of friends growing up. 1 that went to my school and I talked to most of the time played games with. The other I knew since I was young, played sports with ect. The 2nd group are all in school as I am not, and we just have drifted I feel too far apart to really be special to each other anymore honestly. My first friend group that I went to school with are just busy and are getting other friends and we don't even talk weekly anymore. I feel alone at this point and the biggest reason I am making this post is that JR is my last line of support that I don't want to lose and I want to share my life with you guys as I have been here for 6+ years. The staff the members have honestly made this place make me feel at home and I don't want to lose that feeling, I would love to one day have my kid grow up and play here and take my shoes as I grow old. I would love any advice anyone has to offer. But most importantly I would love support as I really just feel alone in this world. I hope no one will judge me either or think of me differently cause of this. Thank you for listening. I just want to give a quick thank you to p4ck, Jamie, Frosty, and chris for being supportive and helping me aswell really does mean more then you think and helps.
  39. 3 points

    New name

    Im not new here as you can tell. But I would like to inform everyone I changed my name awhile back while my old name was too weird for people to say. So I changed it to "Tormenting" for awhile but then I got into Rocket League on steam and there was a pro player named "Torment' and then people started thinking I was him so it got annoying so I changed my name again to "Ravek". and I think its about time I fully change everything to this name as ive had it for quite awhile now. SwitchShotJolt is no longer a thing and Ravek is the new man.
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    Hey guys, no idea if anybody checks this anymore but if they do, hey, I'm still around, thanks for all the great times all those years ago. It's really great to look back on, I miss you all and thanks for the memories!
  41. 3 points
    Just a small update, Ark is here in beta at JR. Myself, Calystos, Chris and Frosty have been and are all working getting things working correctly. I've also started playing ark and checking out what the hype is about and surprisingly for the first time I've properly played on a server that we maintain in years. I'm looking for people to join our server to help test the stability of the server. If you'd like to test out and play on our Official Ark server please favourite and join our Ark server: ark.jrnetwork.net:7777 If people like Ark on JR and it get's popular we are also looking to setup a Scorched Earth Ark server. While our server is online we may periodically add modifications to the server while our server is in Beta. Please note we are also testing our server hardware with Ark. Any problems that get reported will be quickly resolved. If you find any bugs please post them to the Gaming Server community help: https://jrnetwork.net/forums/forum/404-gaming-server-support/ It's been a very exciting time recently at JR, we are releasing new servers one by one when ever we get a chance. Unfortunately I have been too busy to post an update but we will have a dev blog posted soon on everything that is happening and has happened on JR. We hope you continue to support and enjoy the services that JR provides. More and more is scheduled to come to JR very very very soon!
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    Share your game screenshots

    I do like this topic and it's something I ofcourse can do :D! but I will start small and I will put them under spoilers just incase people don't want anything ruined, I will also add to the post in time! Enjoy Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4 Exclusive) Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn GTA V (With The Flash Mod)
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    I have been diagnosed with cancer a month or so ago, been in and out of hospitial since, so i have not had time to play any games. Once I manage to get the operation done I will be going to uni for my second year so I will again be in and out of activity. JRcraft is a good server and deserves activity. hopefully you guys will keep it sorted out and get activity back, i have some ideas on getting a few new players back ill post in the suggestions section soon
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    A single chat channel - JRCraft

    Hey guys, Recently, as @ and I and others have noticed, the multiple-channels on servers can get quite annoying. New players that log onto the hub aren't welcomed unless they join a server, which they don't do that often; It's hard to track down friends that are on the server except by jumping from world to world or by communicating from the outside. At the moment, with the small population we have, it seems to simply cause more trouble than it does cleaning up the chat. I don't know how easy of a fix this is, but it would be great to be able to change it. @Jamie
  45. 3 points

    April Fools?

    Read this: http://www.sbtv.co.uk/news/gaming-news/good-news-for-gamers-new-thumb-insurance-has-been-launched/ Tell me that is not an early april fools joke! Especially the fact that this has been done before? http://blogs.thisismoney.co.uk/2011/04/the-top-personal-finance-april-fools-jokes.html lol
  46. 3 points

    How did you find JR?

    I remember my first time on the server! My friend @Zolacolor had brought me over along with two friends, and we were messing around on the creative server. It was an open-world creative server back then, none of the plot stuff I remember sticking around a bit on the forums, and when I started making friends on the server and creating projects (like my arcade <3 ), and I guess I just enjoyed talking with people here! It really helped to have multiple friends that came on with me though. At least even if I don't have any friends from real life on JR, I consider everyone here my friend so it pays off
  47. 3 points

    What hobbies do you have?

    Exactly. That's my hobby. Lurking everywhere.
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    Just linked up to a mc youtuber with 11.7k subs! Heres his channel link: https://www.youtube.com/user/willCTID1 Cant wait to do JR With him! Check out his latest dawn of war video too! Im in it!!!!!!!!!! yippe! uploading first JR video!
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    1.8 Update

    Hi guys, this is the update everyone has all be waiting for, the update to official 1.8 here at JRNetwork. I have updated survival to full 1.8 so you can now start to play with the new features! Creative will be soon to follow as soon as I get the time to update it. See you there! : play.jrcraft.net Regards, Frank. IMPORTANT - If you are unable to build in a region you were able to before please contact a member of staff. WorldGuard didn't transfer over flags, members, or owners of regions.
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    Being honest, I really don't know the benefit or the cause of these constant attacks but we aren't going anywhere. In other news we are on a better server, have a bit of a better backup policy, new servers are being added and we are getting further. We were going to switch to this server a little while back but we have been forced to move right away today due to issues with our previous host hetzner.... yeah not going back to that place. Anyway, Minecraft will be back up sunday as im working tomorrow as I wasn't expecting to switch servers this quick. Best Regards to all, Jamie!
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