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    Post a screenshot of your desktop!

    Mine is very plain and unorganized:
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    How did you find JR?

    A more unoriginal story here, but I remember going down PMC's servers back in the day and finding JR... The main appeal was fly mode being allowed in survival, and the comprehensive three world system: survival, hardcore, and creative (I think this happened a little later, but I loved the appeal of each world). I remember building a little house on a little island and being very happy, with a Moderator (maybe @Callum ♥, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Minecon) helping me claim the land (another great feature of JR). I certainly have some amazing memories from JR, being able to share the excitement with my friends from school (@Mecmax and various others), along with friends formed through JR (many of which were staff members). It was back when Mumble was used instead of Skype for staff conversations so I got to listen in and get the inside scoop on what was going on. Anyway, thank-you for all the good times, and here's to more to come .
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    Post a screenshot of your desktop!

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