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    Multiplayer games!

    How about a tower defense/FPS?, i had a great time playing Sanctum 2. And a classic?, one that never gets boring, Worms world party?. A puzzle game?, Portal 2 has coop puzzles Lara croft and the guardian of light?, it has 2 player coop Payday 2?
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    Multiplayer games!

    Even if I've played some RTS games, they've always been my brother's thing. Back when we played warcraft III and AoE II, I was actually mostly into Super Mario Brothers and more platformer games on Gameboy. I still am a huge fan of those games.
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    Multiplayer games!

    Never played those two. AoE, AoM, Rise of Nations and Warcraft III was as far as I got into RTS. Then I just stopped playing games for a few years...
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