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    It's been nearly a month since we posted our last development topic. While we haven't posted anything we have been rather busy. Website Removed old JRCash system for a new system, This will allow products to be bought from the JR store in trade for JR Cash. Unfortunately this took away JRCash from minecraft, which we are working on to bring back as well as other servers Tweaked mobile slightly Added full steam integration. This shows what games you've been playing, what you are currently playing, if you are on or offline. To use this all you have to do is login with steam. Added marketplace so users can trade JR Cash between themselves for virtual services or virtual goods. Small nav UI Changes Added custom images within the forum to make things a little more friendly Gameservers Added RUST Added Ark: Survival Evolved and added mods: Autotorch Stackable foundations Added JC2MP and added new mods: Plane Reverse Jobs (Drive people to locations for money) Join Leave messages Wingsuite (Double Tab shift) AI Traffic, (Sea, Air and Road) Added a gas system, when you run out of the gas the car doesn't move. There are many locations around the server to fill up (Gas stations) Added a bank system so you can store your money even when the server resets Chat bubbles, occur when you chat automatically Scoreboard (Press alt) Anti-spam and 10 minute announcement added to show users where JR is Added Buy panel, you can buy items from the money you earn in jobs Added better admin system Social Media Changes Updated about page and small tweaks to facebook Server Changes Moved to a faster better server to handle all that we host Tweaked VM's resource usage Updated all packages across all servers to latest versions Working on PHP 7 on main server currently but at the moment we have tested and had a catastrophic failure. Hopefully we can resolve this issue soon to bring the latest in PHP for speed, stability and security to JR soon.
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