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    Too many mods?

    Just on this topic, While ARK is growing my main concern is getting too big too fast. I'm in the process of finding a way to fund another server to host ARK to take away some of the server strain and to give some more resources for our other servers. ^ The above is true. I want the best experience everyone can have. It upsets me when a server goes down and I can't sort it right away or it kicks out people or lags. As a gamer, I know how lag causes upset for us. If we do reach a point where our servers cause performance degradation I will know pretty quickly and we can take action in the form of removing things, cleaning things, optimising further or moving on another server Thanks for raising your concerns though, they have been noticed and noted.
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    Too many mods?

    But ofcourse @Emma your concern is greatly appreciated within the team and feedback like this is what helps to keep JR a place to come back to for all to enjoy As mentioned if you feel any mods currently used are not important or neccessary then we can create community polls to understand with the input of users which remain and which can be removed so thank you for the input !
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    Latest mod suggestions

    Hey guys, Every week or two we do a poll for the latest mods that people want on our ARK servers. One that has been requested in chat, discord and personally has been a suicide potion the other a meat spoiler that was posted here: Please fill out the poll or discuss below!
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    Too many mods?

    As System said above the server can handle it, and Jamie keeps a stupidly close eye on the server load
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    Too many mods?

    Hence the question mark Well, I don't really know so much about that since I'm not a part of the admins. Just talked with my friend about mods and he mentioned the things above which made me make this post. + people bringing up mods that, imo, are a bit too luxurious.
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    Too many mods?

    "Too many mods" is debatable. Our servers can handle the current setup of mods, otherwise we wouldn't have it on there. We monitor the performance of the servers aswell. Limitations usually happen on the clientside, while we can host all these mods, some people simply can't run it on their laptops or low end PC's which is understandable, we should find a medium where we find the perfect combo of mods and perforance degradation.
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    Too many mods?

    I think the same way, I feel bad for the server admin trying to keep ahead when the mods exceed 10. Seems like it can be trying to sort out when there are issues.
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    Latest ARK Update

    Due to a server crash today with Ragnarok we found a bug caused by classic flyers This was causing over spawning of some dinos causing the server to crash, slow down FPS. This is sorted now, we have also released an update to the rest of the servers fixing small bugs
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    Is it this mod? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821530042 I'm all for it, I think it would be a nice addition to the server
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