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    Our ARK servers have been getting more and more popular and we have been hearing from our members to setup a PVP server. We have heard the calls and this server will be running soon! So far, we have decided on the following: Max 12 mods to keep things running smoothly We are looking at the Center Map this month, unless members really want a different map. The server will reset and possibly change maps and mods on the 20th of each month The server will be whitelisted and you must request access Max players will be set to 40 for now Not set in to the cluster to keep things fair Higher resource gathering, 5 - 10x? (Not decided yet) What we would like to know from you guys. What mods do you want? Please comment below on what mods you'd like to see and we will compile a list and admins will choose the final listing for first launch! Please also tell us how you want rates for our PVP server, we still want things to be a challenge but stay fair and fun as possible. We have selected with the premium members the following mods: Structures Plus Advanced Rafts Small Resource Stacks Tomorrow I will be posting a list of the final mods that we have selected with help by you guys. To request access (First to request, first to be accepted (Premium members get priority too)) Go here https://jrnetwork.net/pvpark/?do=form&d=14 and request access The server will be available on the 19th of July and the server IP will be found at https://jrnetwork.net/servers/list when online
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    JR Ark PVP - It's coming

    If its 1 month only server than rates minimum x10 exp/harvest x20 breeding maturation taming reduced respawn radius for resources to 0.1 gamma disabled is a must
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