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    We definitely care. You know as well as us that the maps got corrupted and we always have said this straight out when it happens. If you had messaged us sooner on the map I would have been able to restore a backup. If we didn't care about our players I wouldn't personally be spending over 170 a month on JR ans putting so much time aside to do things at JR. I need a new car and if I wouldn't have spent the amount of money on JR I wouldn't be taking out a loan right now. Please don't be trying to put so much negativity due to an issue outside of our control (ark crashes and corrupts. This isn't our fault) we put so much work in keeping everyone happy. It upsets me when our players are annoyed, not playing or not chatting about an issue. If people talk and speak out I will sort things as I have on many occasions. I do this to make people smile, to create friendships in the world through games, to give people a safe space to talk and communicate with people. My community is everything to me, its my passion and I hope after reading this that you understand this.
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    A hard decision

    Ever since my friends invited me onto this server, I started playing on it daily, I started to learn the names of the members and staff, Learned the way that JR wants to run. I joined the server at the age of 13/14. Played on it to this very day. When I got to talking to staff often, I started wanting to help JR grown and be a better community. I would stay on all night while all the EU staff were sleeping, and take screen shots of people cursing, cheating, or griefing. (being a tattle tale) I tried everything I could to become apart of the staff. It was my dream goal to one day be wearing a red name tag in the Minecraft server under "Admin". I maybe tried too hard to become staff as I would try and beat the staff to the problem and try to fix it myself. Posted on forums to try and get activity up. I tried all I could, attended every meeting. The day came on my 16th birthday I could apply for helper. I was so happy, It took a few days for them to look over it but finally I was accepted as a Helper. I was the happiest guy alive. Then I continued to strive to work up the ranks and do my best and help the Owner, Admins, and Mods in anyway I could. When I was promoted to Grief Police at the time, was another amazing day for me, I ran around my house (literally) to get my excitement out of the way. Grief Police was later merged into Moderator, Which is where I stand. I have thought about this for many days. This might be the hardest thing I have ever had to do. There comes a point in our lives where we all must say goodbye to something, someone, or some place that we love. It's never easy. But today I must make one of those hard goodbyes, Today is the day I feel I must step down from management. There are a few reasons for this. First, my current life situation doesn't give me a whole lot of time to be active enough to help and support the server/community. Second, I joined this community for the Minecraft aspect, and as I feel the majority of the community is now past the Minecraft aspect. I feel there is not much for me to do here. Third, I don't really offer any help anymore. Everything JR as a whole needs help with from staff is either beyond my abilities or in games that I do not own or play. I will never forget this amazing time I have had here, nor will I ever leave the community. This will always be my home, staying up late talking to members and staff. Getting to know such amazing people. Everyone here has had a place in my heart since I got to know them. All the staff were so helpful and caring. I have never had bad times being here. I have always had people to rely on and count on to pick me up when I'm feeling down. I will always recommended this place to anyone as it is nothing but inspiration. So many amazing unique people. I wish I coulda done more for the server but I did what I was capable of doing. This my last post as staff at JR. I will always remember and love this place. I hope one day I will be able to bring my daughter to come play here. ❤️ People that I want to thank specifically: Serena, Djexecute, Noni, JuggaGirl, Chris, harsol, kickyabutt24, Barbermiss, Mrcoconut2012, AnioNovus, p4ck3ts3nd3r, Risen Havoc, UploadGFX, Daisuke, Lightning Potatoe People that really made an impact on me: Sophie and Frosty. I am sorry if I forget anyone, there were a lot of people so many years ago that were so fun to talk to and play with. Most importantly thank you Jamie for making this a thing and keeping it going even in rough times. I wish I coulda done more to support financially. But thank you for making this all possible I will not forget you.
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    Screenshot of 5 dinos

    Hey guys! Please post screenshots of the 5 dinos that you want to keep here! 🤩
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    Need help / ideas

    My advice for the JR supplydrop would be: Dino's: 5 Dinos currently owned by players to take with you (including current dino lvl) 5 Cryopods 1 saddle per chosen dinos Utility: 200 cooked meat 500 narcotics 250 stimulant 50 taming sedative 20 element Gear: 1-2 Metal Hatchet 1-2 Metal Pick 1-2 Metal sickle 1 Metal pike 1 shotgun 50 shotgun rounds 1 Crossbow 50 arrows 1 set of flak gear 1 backpack (if still used) 1 Canteen Buildings: 16 foundations 1 dino gate 1 dino gateway 16 Ceilings 56 Walls 1 vault 1 upgrade station + attachments (if still used) This should let ppl have a decent start without giving to much of a head start to newer players. Please review the list and let me know what you guys think. Maybe some stuff needs to be removed or added.
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    This should be in a blog article but I said I'd pop it in the forum chat in case people want to discuss the situation. Recently a lot has happened causing my absence at JR. So what's happened: Car broke down on a sunday About a month and a bit my car broke down. I lost all power and my car was basically able to speed up to around at max 60km/hr. Took it to the garage, one problem was the fact a bolt went on the exhaust manifold meaning there was no pressure to the turbo. After they resolve that issue I got a call from the garage saying your turbo is also gone. So I had to wait another few days for the turbo to be replaced. I was working from home in the week and a half while my car was getting repaired. My car got rammed After I picked up the car (literally was driving for an hour) a driver, who was on the phone rammed in to me at a speed of 60 - 70km/hr. There was a car in front of me turning right. I had come to a halt, looked in my mirror and a guy who was on the phone. Rammed the rear of my car cause nearly 1700 euro damage. I was took away to A and E due to shock and whiplash. The guy who crashed in to me was arrested due to a supposed outstanding warrant for his arrest. (Weird he didn't run after he hit me). With this whole ordeal the gent didn't produce a licence or insurance documentation which mean the cops here are now after him in relation to this now too. Which also means it's a more drawn out process getting my money back from getting my car repaired. Luckily work is helping me sort the bill out. (If they didn't help I'd be in worse shape). I've been staying in limerick after this whole ordeal. I couldn't spend a month or so on my own at home (I was getting lonely as it was the week my car broke down) For the first week after the incident I was sleeping for the week as I couldn't muster the energy to do anything. How's me after this? I'm still suffering after effects of the whiplash. I'm having trouble sleeping, my neck, shoulders and back are in pain after it. It's been very hard to deal with the pain and I know for certain I never want to suffer this again. It's been causing me to be really tired and I can't stop falling asleep in the middle of trying to remotely work. What's happening now? I'm still waiting for my car from the garage which should be done this Wednesday. It's going to be weird as I haven't drove properly for over a month and a bit now. I'm trying to get my life back on track and my solicitor is currently dealing with all the paperwork. I'll be coming back to JR and starting to help develop our services further and we will be holding staff meetings again pretty soon when I get back to normality. For the people who play and use JR I hope you now understand what I have been going through. All the redtape I've had to go through has been tough and that is why, while I have been putting comments in every now and again I've been pretty absent from all JR related activities. I can't wait to come back and continue to work on my life project. If you have any questions please let me know here and I'll reply when I see them. Thanks to everyone who has wished me well and who have spoken to me on discord. I appreciate everyone's support
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    If you have played for a while you'll know me. If you're new... Hi I am Leslee better known as BarberMiss. or Barb. I live in Kentucky in the US. I am a Barber who is Female and single ergo Barber Miss. I'm not the oldest player by far but I am up there. This December I will turn 57....pushing 60 ...wow feels weird to say it. I enjoy Minecraft because it's relaxing to me. I love to build, decorate, farm, and hunt for treasure. I used to be an Admin but I have forgotten almost all that I learned after being gone for so long. I will try to help if I am able, so just ask. Hope to see you in play!
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    Taming rate

    While the higher lvls sure take some time, nobody is forced to go for lvl300 right from the start. A lvl50-100 is able to farm the resources for sedatives without any problems. The pain starts with getting max lvls and this should still be some effort. I started with a lvl ~50 trike and made my way up to higher lvls. (lvl40 bronto was next for bigger weight and more berries^^). The only reason to up the taming rate would be passive dinos since it can really take some time... But on the other hand you can grab most dinos and put them into a taming pen so no other dinos disturb you. Get the kibble needed before you go for max lvl and simply invest some work. I can understand why people want higher rates but how many dinos do you tame passive? It's not like you have to tame new dinos every day. Investing 1-2 days (to prepare) to get a male+female and easily breed them (nanny+hatchery = no effort at all to breed) are fair in my opinion.
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    Pickup mod

    Can you link the steam mod page so others can read about it?
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    New ARK Servers

    Hi Guys, As of this post: We have chatted with the community and we have been working to create a better server. (AS frosty says, tirelessly through the night) - at this moment we are chatting on discord. A few things to note about the new servers: Clustering - Is in beta but working, Please note if when you transfer and your survivor doesn't show right away give it 30 seconds and try and download again. We have installed the following mods to begin with, we will add mod's through suggestions as previously, BUT we will be going through all bug reports and will be checking better to see if any conflicts exist so we do not have an issue with the map as previously. Structures Plus Death Recovery Mod Taming Sedative Backpack We have also updated our mod pack - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940316400 Stacking Mod - We have left this out currently due to the fact we can not find a mod without any issues reported. If you can help find a working / better mod let us know Classic Flyers - WE HAVE NOT INSTALLED THIS YET. Due to the following bug reports: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/895711211/133261369999910543/ If the community still wants to go ahead and install classic flyers please say below, we just don't want to cause any issues to dinos by installing the mod. Please read the bug reports to see if installing it will affect your game experience. Levelling - Is standard currently, a few reasons to this, I do not want to copy our badly designed level structure, if we are editing levels we need to make the levelling structure better and more balanced than before. Dino Levels - Are standard currently due to the fact normal levelling is in place. I'm sure this will change in time GAIA - For the next week or so this is disabled till I can properly review this. We may continue it, we may remove it. Depends what people want. It's a hefty weight to our server resources but I do not mind keeping it but we will be doing the same but adding GAIA on as well as the other mods chosen. SERVER MAINTENANCE & REBOOT - This has now been changed to run at 12 at night and also 12 midday to ensure the servers update mods and have a good restart when necessary We want to provide the most stable experience in ARK and we really hope you understand why we have only selected certain mods to begin with. We will be adding more but at the same time we want to ensure that it doesn't cause us another issue like before.
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    Hi i'm xjake7

    I am xJake7 and I have joined JR around a fortnight ago, but I was a member of JR a few months ago but wasn't very active so I left. I want to be a lot more active in the JRNetwork and in the Discord. I look forward to talking to all of you. Bye for now 😄
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    Need help / ideas

    Guys, Its been a week, we don't want to fully rush things and as I stated to @Snowball privately I wouldn't have time till the start of the week to make any more movement. You guys have to understand I work a full 40 hour a week job have many more responsibilities than just JR. JR of course has admins to help at any times they can but we all have a life. I'd understand if this was dragged out 2, 3 weeks without any staff input on the topic but we have been posting when we have chance. Restarting an entire ark cluster isn't a two second job. I have many checks internally to complete before I do this as I want to ensure this does not happen again. Please stay patient our new ARK servers will be operational at some point during the start of next week i imagine. Just remember i pay big money for our servers out of my back pocket and we work on JR when possible. Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way and I hope you can understand this. JR isn't a quick and easy thing to run, to run correctly I do more behind the scenes than people actually are aware. We run Linux servers for a reason but that also complicates some things. Things aren't like your computer such as clicking one button to install things. There is a lot of automation to keep things running while I am away and this has to be all setup before things are put in place. As for this week it took me a few days to sort a serious issue on our servers that caused major issues with how our servers were running. In relation to this ARK install I want to make things easier for our admins to manage the server so I will be looking at a new way of integrating ARK in to our panel. This will take a few days in it self of testing to ensure everything works as intended. Please again remain patient we will be working very hard on this when I get back so JR ARK will exceed your expectations and be a way better experience than in the past few weeks
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    Need help / ideas

    3 mod start S+ Taming sedative Tek Helper
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    Need help / ideas

    We don't need ACM, it's a convenience thing; that is more of an inconvenience these days as it doesn't work 95% of the time. Also can you narrow your list of essentials down to 3 mods, we are trying to start off small to ensure maximum compabitility between the mods used.
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    Need help / ideas

    Reading @MarcusFaren's and @Snowball's posts they both raise certain points. Mods do add new IDs for stuff, however if they are created properly as clean and stackable mods it wouldn't matter about moving dinos from one server that doesn't have the mod to one that does. They should revert to standard vanilla dinos. For example we could uninstall Classic Flyers right now and all your dinos would still be there, just they would no longer be classic flyer versions of the dinos they would revert to vanilla. As far as I'm aware the Aberration and Scorched Earth mods were installed on the appropriate servers and assumed to be clean and stackable, we also had to rush to install them as the last mods we were using for the engrams got pulled from the workshop randomly and stopping people from connecting to the servers. If we do a supply drop as opposed to allowing transfers we would be able to provide downloads to the old maps so that people would be able to play them locally if they wished. We will also realease the mod list so you could carry on with these worlds on your own local game. On @IAMSNOWMAN's concerns about this just being a map reset, we should be setting up a completely new set of servers from scratch to ensure no files are carried over. @heaven I understand what you're going through, you're new to the game and don't want to lose all that you've worked for. However you could look at this in another light, taking all that you've learned so far to improve how you play the game when you start fresh. I found that when playing ark to begin with it was handy to start over as I found better ways to do things and had an idea of what I needed to survive. As the map randomly resetting isn't going to stop overnight, we need to take drastic action to fix this as it is happening so much. I completely understand that you don't want to lose your work, no one does. As we are compensating players with 5 dinos we can make these utility dinos to help you with resource gathering.
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    HI Guys, I have as you know being rather sick for the last near to a week. I'm back now and I'm doing an event ! Please let us know you are going with the going button on the left <------ Please note the following will be happening tomorrow: We will discuss on our Discord General channel. (https://discord.jrnetwork.net) a few things about JR and what I envision JR to be in the future at 8 PM - 9PM. (Random games will be given away also) There is a minecraft build event which starts from 9 PM GMT +0 (Prize #1 is REND + 5000 JR Cash, Prize #2 Is 5000 JR Cash and Prize #3 is 3000 JR Cash )https://www.rendgame.com) More information on the event will be given tomorrow at 9 PM. The build event will be an hour long, winners will be displayed on JR and our Social pages At 10 PM We either continue to play minecraft or switch to TF2.
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    Life changing event

    So has a select few of you know of my situation. I planned on making this post later this month. But honestly its all my friends and I kinda talk about cause I just always need so much help and advice. Most of you will be too young to give help really cause hopefully you wont be in my situation until your older and more stable and ready to handle it (being financial). Begging of this year (2018) I managed to grab myself a girlfriend from work. We spent as much time as we could together when we weren't working. We had a good time and loved being together. We are both the same age as I am 1 month older then her. She has had more relationships and stuff before me and I knew all this before I asked her out. So I was ok with it. the main thing is, She has a 3 year old daughter. At first it was a challenge getting her kid to like me and be comfortable with me. after week and week of being with the kid and her she finally realized im not scary and we got along. Being able to play "do" makeup together and our hair and what not. Around the time of late April early May she came to me with big and important news. I didn't exactly know what to expect. she sat me down. And as she was very worried of my reaction she then told me that she has been pregnant since early March. At first I didn't know what to say, feel, or respond. I just wanted everyone to be happy. But as I have had more time to think of it I am excited to have a little Carter (my name) or Ravek JR growing up to take my shoes. To this day I am mostly just worried as I want the best for my child. She is due early January and I will not find out the gender until the 22nd of this month. which is why I wanted to wait so long to make this. But me and the mother are not having the best of relations right now which is making things even harder for me. As I don't want my child to grow up with split parents or just 1 parent for that matter. I currently don't have a job either, so money is weighing heavily on my back right now, as well as time. I'm trying my best to keep the mother happy so we can stay together, but again things are going downhill faster then I can catch up with, and its not looking good honestly. To top it all off my IRL friends aren't really supporting me like they said they would and I thought they would. I have had 2 groups of friends growing up. 1 that went to my school and I talked to most of the time played games with. The other I knew since I was young, played sports with ect. The 2nd group are all in school as I am not, and we just have drifted I feel too far apart to really be special to each other anymore honestly. My first friend group that I went to school with are just busy and are getting other friends and we don't even talk weekly anymore. I feel alone at this point and the biggest reason I am making this post is that JR is my last line of support that I don't want to lose and I want to share my life with you guys as I have been here for 6+ years. The staff the members have honestly made this place make me feel at home and I don't want to lose that feeling, I would love to one day have my kid grow up and play here and take my shoes as I grow old. I would love any advice anyone has to offer. But most importantly I would love support as I really just feel alone in this world. I hope no one will judge me either or think of me differently cause of this. Thank you for listening. I just want to give a quick thank you to p4ck, Jamie, Frosty, and chris for being supportive and helping me aswell really does mean more then you think and helps.
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    New name

    Im not new here as you can tell. But I would like to inform everyone I changed my name awhile back while my old name was too weird for people to say. So I changed it to "Tormenting" for awhile but then I got into Rocket League on steam and there was a pro player named "Torment' and then people started thinking I was him so it got annoying so I changed my name again to "Ravek". and I think its about time I fully change everything to this name as ive had it for quite awhile now. SwitchShotJolt is no longer a thing and Ravek is the new man.
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    Hey guys, no idea if anybody checks this anymore but if they do, hey, I'm still around, thanks for all the great times all those years ago. It's really great to look back on, I miss you all and thanks for the memories!
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    New mods to install

    Locked, as the mods have now been installed
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    Share your game screenshots

    No words needed
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    Taming speed

    The idea is that you tame lower level dinos before moving onto taming the higher level dinos as that way the server offers more progression to players who have invested a lot of time into the servers
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    We do care, however in previous instances the maps have become corrupted so ark has reset the map. Then as no one has informed us of the map being reset, we lose the backups of the map before if was reset so we are unable to restore the maps. The key to sorting these issues is communication and as I have burnt out from Ark I don't keep an eye if the servers have had their maps reset. We now have a system in place that allows us to keep backups for a longer time so if the map does get reset again in the future we should be able to revert to an old version.
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    Hi Guys, A bit of feedback from the community asked if we could try these mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1286452614&searchtext=dlc https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=870709781 We agreed to give this a shot, we are currently rebooting all servers to activate these 2 mods on all servers. Please note this is a trial, any issues with the mods and we may remove them. We hope you enjoy the latest additions at JR ARK!
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    Share your game screenshots

    A little mafia 3 screenshot I took with my car quite a while ago.
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    Due to popular demand I have changed the following settings on ARK: Player Levels now total 185 max Dino Levels now total 328 max Taming Rate is now 3x Difficulty has been raised slightly Due to increased player levels engram points have been altered slightly. You may have more / less points than when you logged in last. We are looking at 1 decoration mod only, please check this post for more information. We have not added / edited any mods with this update. We hope you enjoy the changes.
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    Halo mcc - coming to pc and reach?

    AS many of you know I'm a huge halo fan, Now it's been announced that Halo: Master Chief Collection is coming to PC finally! Who's excited? It sounds good. And Halo reach has also been confirmed
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    Extinction resetted

    I will have to fix this tomorrow as I'm not around till then, sorry about this but it will be sorted. Thanks
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    Fallout 76

    I got a refund
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    Need help / ideas

    This is going to sound a bit like a rant but the post above is striking a bit of a nerve. Please keep in mind that all i want is for the ARK cluster to thrive. Something i feel this recent issue is not helping at all. Let me start off by saying: Rushing is a non-discussion since its been almost a week... Most of the data required has been supplied by the community so far, not by the JR staff. This is ofcourse not a problem but now that action is required by the staff we hear nothing outside of a couple we are working "hard" on this issue. Something i find highly unlikely considering the responses and input. I always liked playing at JR and the active role the admins normally had in the community. This issue has risen alot of concerns on my end and is making me rethink wether i would like to keep waiting .... word of advice: Maybe next time make sure there is enough time on hand for a followup action when announcing something as impactfull as this.
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    Need help / ideas

    I would like to express a bit of concern about the JR ARk servers. As someone that has done most of the legwork for this decision, despite not having any issues myself, i feel like there is no sence of urgency on the JR staff side. Since the announcement on tuesday the ARK servers have been empty. Like Heaven mentioned in the post above this one, can we get this issue sorted before we lose all ARK players on this cluster? Adding the new server and letting people start on that one while you sort the other ones would have resolved this days ago.
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    Need help / ideas

    @JamieMost of the players i know have checked the post if i look at whos read it. Only Jeremy is missing but i havent sen him online in a few days. If i see any online i will tell them.
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    Hello and Good evening once again fellow JR Members! That time has come, has come again. To conclude our 3rd day of the JR Advent event I would like to give a jingle or two for our winner @MarcusFaren Congratulations! I can confirm that you've won a copy of " 7 Days to Die " which can be redeemed on Steam. I've also sent you a message to confirm this. Thanks again for joining us here at JR and hopefully you enjoy your gift.
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    Daily dinowipe

    I'll wait to see what other people think about this, Reason this was removed was due to reports on certain dinos not getting a chance to spawn and then when they did they would be wiped.
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    Ark - ragnarok

    Ragnarok issue has now been resolved and the map has now been reloaded thanks for your patience and I'm sorry for the downtime caused!
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    Fallout 76

    @IAMSNOWMAN is getting it on PC too. Pretty sure someone from my SWTOR guild is getting it on PC too so we could all join forces and play together
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    Minecraft Event

    JrCraft Very unexpected. Thank you. It usually takes me A lot of time and changes to come up with a build idea. I implemented a couple things I had Built in some of the past survival servers here in JRCraft Along with some of the updates I like. I'm glad JR is around and thanks to all the staff who has been so helpful when I'm in need of assistance, as well as the long time friends I've made here and I hope JrCraft is around for along time to come. I like all the plugins and mods the Minecraft server has and all the benefits. Sincerely, Gerald (Cythion)
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    Ark server updates needed

    Seem to have fixed the issue on Ragnarok, rebooting the other servers now with the fix deployed
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    Minecraft Community Event

    Should be around for this, unlike someone else. Just put maybe depending on what's going on later today
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    Life changing event

    Thank you any and all support/advice does help.
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    I mean like I'm just working on whatever this room is gonna end up being
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    Hi everyone, following the release of minecraft 1.13 I think it is best to let everyone know what is going on with updating JRCraft to minecraft 1.13. This update is one massive update, it is the same as minecraft going from version 1.8 to 1.12 in one update (basically all updates between 1.8 and 1.12 being released as one mega update). It contains a lot of changes to the game and the game server, which requires a lot of effort from the guys working on Spigot. What do we know already? Spigot has some early builds available for 1.13 but we aren't going to use these as they are experimental and more for plugin developers to update their plugins and for developers in the community to help write the code for the server software 1.13 changes the way some plugins have to interact with the server, as a result we may see some plugins not be updated for a long while All plugins will likely break due to this update (we can update the important ones ourselves if the need arises, or look for alternatives to what we already use) Block IDs are no longer being used by Spigot to closely mirror vanilla minecraft, while developers have known about this since December 2017 and work has been on going for this block rework in Spigot for 4 years, so before bukkit was shut down I believe. What's going to happen to X plugin? At the moment we are more concerned with the main plugins we use to help administer the server and provide grief protections. While there will certainly be a ban plugin, block logging plugin of some description for 1.13 we have a preference to just update the ones we already have in place. I expect World Guard & World Edit to be updated as soon as we get a stable build for spigot 1.13. LWC will likely be fine as it is already using the way to deal with blocks. My main concern lies with the plugins we use to sync ranks between the server and the forum and logblock. As these are some of the most important plugins we have. We are hoping that these plugins do get updated, or we may resort to try and update them ourselves, especially the plugin that links the forum to the server as that is how all permissions are handled. We will try to keep as many plugins as we can, ones that cannot be kept will be replaced with ones that have equal or better functionality. Unless we get an update for it, this might be the end of the stargate plugin 😕 (due to the changes in block handling) Also as a sidenote, dynmap is currently not coming back because it eats disk space worse than chrome eats RAM. Do you have a timeframe? Currently we do not, we will update the server at the earliest time when it is safe to do so. This will ensure that we can provide the best experience to our players. We know it's a pain of a process to go through, but every server is going through a similar thing right now all we can do for the time being is wait for the stuff we need to be updated. We may look into running a testing server for our premium members so they can help test the stability of the server once an update has been released and the functionality of plugins if they do not receive updates
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    Fallout 76

    me i like I am for and against, it will be the same thing as TESO "THE ELDER SCROLL ONLINE" but in Fallout this time keeping the mechanics of the game and the visual of the 4th opus I will love a 5 is an exclusive game solo but we will see if it is played coop or pvp xD
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    Unfortunately this hits very very close to home: Maybe if people's heads weren't buried in the sand of ignorance and they took the time to understand, instead of judging and thinking it won't happen to them because they have the perfect family, life would be a little bit easier for people that do experience this! This hits close to home for me, for family and friends who live under this shadow. The days of 'it' not being talked about or being taboo should be over. In the most difficult moments of life you realize who your true friends are, and the people who really appreciate you. Unfortunately, most social media 'friends' aren't true friends. They will send you a "like" here and there, but in reality they do not take time to read your status if they see it's lengthy. More than half will stop reading right here, or have already scrolled on to the next post on their page. I decided to post this message in support of all those who continue to battle with their mental illness. Now, let's see who will have taken the time to read this lengthy post right through to the end. If you have read everything so far, please "like" it so that I can put a thank you on your page. More mental health awareness is urgently needed. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean people aren't suffering. Please, try to spare a little of your time with someone who may just want to talk (about anything). Talking can help us all to cope a little more, keeping things bottled up just makes it worse. Most people will say, "if you need anything, don't hesitate to call me, I'll be there to help you" but will they? I believe a select few of my friends will post this, to show their support for those who may be struggling. You just have to copy and paste rather than sharing. I'd like to know who will take a minute out of their day to read this all the way to the end and then copy and paste it to their page, will you? If so, please write "done" in the comments.
  44. 2 points

    Pick a number!

    Hopefully you haven't got any of your salt on it
  45. 2 points

    Multi selection mod for ark

    That's great but we also have to cater for the average Joe with a highly powered potato
  46. 2 points

    Multi selection mod for ark

    since i don't play Ark, im not much use but id say yes as long as this is what players are wanting. They seem non intrusive mods anyways so i don't see any harm in adding them.
  47. 2 points

    Community written story

    We should write story together. Each post must be a continuation of the previous reply or the start of a new chapter. Im thinking science fiction of course. @QwertyCore care to join in? Il start it off with something i quickly came up with. I have no title or no direction just an initial paragraph to get us started --------------------------------------------------- They came from a dark and desolate land of unknown origin to escape the horrors of war that had been inflicted on them for millennia. A warring race that could never seem to make peace with each other. Bloodshed in the name of their gods. Massive ships with a colour so black, it seemed to absorb all light and plunge the surroundings into darkness. This is how they arrived or at least thats what we are taught.
  48. 2 points

    Pickup mod

    hello, i'm lars GewoonGamenNL and I would like it if the pickup mod came into the server because it is easier then to transfer dino's etc.
  49. 2 points

    What's your favourite video game theme?

    I have to pick one? Seems a bit harsh but I guess I'll make it work Hmm... Gotta be the Mass Effect 1 main theme
  50. 2 points

    Engrams anywhere

    @Emma @Chris What do you think in relation to this?
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