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    Need help / ideas

    As you guys know our ARK servers are constantly resetting after reboots. This seems to be due to a corrupt ARK map and on update / restart it resets the map randomly. I need ideas on how to resolve this issue with you guys, I do not want to reset the map or take off mods but to stop all this happening it may have to be the case. The main problem we have is that the map highly revolves around Structures Plus and Small Resource Stacks. If we remove these mods a lot of structures will be lost and all items will be lost due to the way the small resource stacks works. I have a funny feeling that something is conflicting. I can't diagnose or find this out due to the following: ARK has crap linux support All our servers are linux, we can not afford more servers ARK has no logging for linux servers in any way. I feel that the best plan of action is the following: Remove all mods, entirely. Reset all maps, clean out game save files to ensure nothing corrupted stays Have a huge supply drop for our members that have stayed at JR to compensate. The drop will be the same to ensure that people will start at the same level. Gift 5 dinos to each player that has played on our ARK servers for more than 2 hours (we can check due to our JR Website logs) Add one mod a week to see if it causes a problem, we will only use tried and tested mods with a high rating. While I have this plan it may or may not take place, I want your view. The community. How would you feel starting again? It would mean that everyone would be able to find new land, it may draw more players on to the server, resources would be once more balanced and we would all be happier with a stable server. I hate that our server is stable all day but then when it updates due to the corruption it resets the map and peoples things get lost and we look like the bad party. We want to do the best for you guys at JR. If you have any other ideas please let me know, don't be quite. SPEAK UP! I want everyones view as this is a huge decision and while I understand some members will be upset at the thought of loosing everything. It's something I do not want to have to do but I feel that this resetting bug has gone on long enough. We just want our community happy in the long run. We can't keep patching over problems, I'm not going to lie, I don't have another solution that I can think of right now, this would 100% sort the issue I'm sure. Again let me know what you think, please!
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    Need help / ideas

    For me this reset is not necessary since i dont realy play on ragnarok. As far as i know this is the only server that frequently has problems with resetting. Extinction never has issues so far (luckily!) and the island/aberration are running fairly stable aswell. I cannot speak for Gaia vulcano since i dont play that map. Although i dont mind restarting every now and then ive spent quite some hours on the game and would not like it where ppl that have been online once a week getting the same start-up boost as someone that has got so much more than them now (before reset). One other thing i would hate about this is that a server crash after the launch of extinction (the memory issue) caused me to lose my highly/perfectly mutated dinos. Ofcourse this was handled appropriately by JR but fact remains that i have since started breeding them again to see if i can once again get them to perfect mutation stats. Having to start this once again will be a bit of a bore. Since i have invested alot of time into the JR servers now and do not experience issues i will vote no since i do not feel the rewards after reset make up for the loss.
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    Gaia volcano wipe ?

    @MarcusFaren as you are aware we run quite a few servers, If we are not aware of this within a week or so from members we can not be held responsible. We try our upmost best for our community. Ark is a pain in the backside, it's not just us having issues with map resets it seems to happen to many ARK servers. I will see about extending our backups for 2 weeks but we are limited a lot on space due to the fact I can not afford to pay for another server. It upsets me when this happens as in the end of the day I want to make sure every one is happy. I pay out a lot for JR and it really annoys me that this bug keeps happening to the servers. I wish I could do more to help bring back the map but the long story short it does not exist within the backups (in our backups while we keep 7 days of zips, they actually have a few days in the zips each). I will again look in to seeing if we can do anything else with the ARK servers to stop this from happening but I can't promise anything due to the fact ARK's server stack sucks and gives us nothing but headache. I wouldn't mind but there is no logging for our linux servers, ARK only saves and shows logs for Windows servers causing it a complete pain to actually diagnose what is going on.
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    Hello and Good evening once again fellow JR Members! That time has come, has come again. To conclude our 3rd day of the JR Advent event I would like to give a jingle or two for our winner @MarcusFaren Congratulations! I can confirm that you've won a copy of " 7 Days to Die " which can be redeemed on Steam. I've also sent you a message to confirm this. Thanks again for joining us here at JR and hopefully you enjoy your gift.
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    I mean like I'm just working on whatever this room is gonna end up being
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    Gaia volcano wipe ?

    I will take a look now, Due to the fact we were not made aware of this in time we do not have a backup of this server. Our backups only last for 7 days at a time due to space constraints. If you have lost stuff valuable I can get an admin to help with this but currently I can not do anything. Sorry about this @MarcusFaren
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