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    Need help / ideas

    we are waiting for a solution? It would be nice to hear what will be done? Personally i would like to continue playing Ark. So an update would be nice.
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    Need help / ideas

    Honestly, I'm happy with whatever you decide. I just want the best for our servers and our users! I just hope we find a way to make everyone happy, we do have these servers up and running for you guys and the fact that we are "forced" to do this, is not easy for us. We want the best for everyone and we have these servers for you guys to enjoy! A big thanks to everyone who's been commenting on this post, and helping us come towards a solution! You guys are awesome, Thanks once again to everyone, I hope we find a good solution that works for everyone soon, we know how frustruating this is for you guys, but we have to do something. Thanks for being patient and stay cool 😎
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    Need help / ideas

    I agree with Marcus but might i add that S+ should be exampt from the choice (thus starting with 4 mods) since this is such a well known and very highly used mod on alot of servers. This mod has been tried and tested. If we go by my idea,, i would add More Narc & Tranq aswell since this (in combination with marcus's modlist) will give people the best chance at rebuilding quickly. @Jamie @Chris Where do we post proof of the 5 dinos?
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    Need help / ideas

    3 mod start S+ Taming sedative Tek Helper
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