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    Jr ark servers

    not many people are on aberration, rare are the ones I have seen if connecting in the last 2 months. I am ok, for aberration removal Marcusf
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    Jr ark servers

    Keep building I won't remove your structures. I'll work something out. We might only get rid of abberation to save RAM for the mean time. I'm sorry we have to remove at least 1 of the servers. it's just very hard to afford JR. I'm working on the new servers now. Everything will be transfered over so you won't loose a thing.
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    Jr ark servers

    There is little player to develop on Ragnarok. (there are more on ragnarok than on all the server groups (but some are new players) our biggest bases are on the island and extinction, and you ask us to choose between those precisely I understand the financial worries if I did not have one too, I will already have to pay money here. but i can only choose the island because our dinos and main resources if found. but on extinction @heaven plays it most often ... hard to choose. go on to extinction and the island and you will understand by seeing our work has been long. the cluster shrinks and that's what made me come here to play our tribe compose of 5 members (4 originally played since the restart @MarcusFaren @heaven @Snowball @Wraith) still hundreds of hours that will be spoiled 😭 as they are new server we will have to start all over again? @Chris
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    Jr ark servers

    Hi everyone JR is downscaling our hardware as currently JR is unsustainable finnacially and puts a huge burden on Jamie each month. As a result of this we will only be able to run 2 Ark Servers instead of 4. The current thinking is that we keep Ragnarok as it is the largest map and contains elements from The Island as well as Scorched Earth. As for the other server I have put a poll as to what map the community would like to see running on it. If you have an issue with us using Ragnarok for one of the servers please voice your concerns below Thank you all for reading, Chris
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