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    Extinction reset again =( day 3

    i will pass this a long to the admin team for you. sorry for the delay. Jamie is off for a couple of days.
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    My char is gone

    Jamie is away for a few days and he's unfortunately the only person who can correct this, Until then sadly we can't do a lot.
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    My char is gone

    ah ok but still no one even tries to restore my char and i am 2 days further. I am helpfull but i dont understand this delay If i did something wrong (or stupid) i would say hey i did something stupid can you help me. I didnt!!!!! I googled about 3 a 4 hours and found others with the same problem after 293 100 so its not just me. . Tho i am happy to hear its a bug (again) on Ragnarok. (falling through the floor) THx Marcus your a very nice person to play with
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    My char is gone

    for ragnarok it's a bug, I already had =), it should not be without worry. (This is due to the cave where we are, the closer you are to the ceiling of the cave, the more you risk getting through). MarcusF
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