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    Fallout 4

    An amazing game by an equally amazing team! Loads of enemies, choosing your ending and lovable characters. What more would you want from a fallout game? The Brotherhood Of Steel with their massive prydwen and guns. The Institute, hidden underground stalking and taking people...The Railroad, delusionally trying to give Institute Synths real lives. And the minutemen, the group willing to help anyone no matter what. Although there is the bad things. AI mapping is incredibly off sometimes, can be incredibly buggy. Also ruined by the cash grab that was creation club. But all of that aside a great game that I would fully recommend to anyone!
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    Dream instrument and why!

    *Drops mic*
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    Mobile Development

    Due to the quick change of theme, (as we were having multiple issues with the old theme been out of date and not compatiable with new code) we have had multiple bug reports submitted with our mobile site. I'm proud to say most bugs with mobile have been resolved now. Before: After: If you see any more bugs please report them to us so we can resolve them as soon as possible ❤️
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    Life update

    Its been over a year since I have stepped down from management here. Not a day goes by where I dont think about this place and its people. I always hope the best for everyone, and hope everyone is staying safe. I work at a beef plant so im required to work during this virus. Over 40 people have caught it and 2 have passed from my work. As for my personal life things are going alright, things could be better, but its not the worst either. Not much exciting has happened to inform you on so this will be a short post. Miss you all ❤️
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    Life update

    Hey @Ravek, Nice to see you drop by. Sorry to hear that 2 of your fellow colleagues have passed due to this horrible virus. This virus has affected the entire globe in ways that no one ever thought possible. I hope to see and hear more from you, miss seeing you around mate! Message me anytime you need anything ❤️
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    Time to shine..

    Time to shine..
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