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  1. 11 points

    Dinner with Jamie

    Jamie appears to be enjoying that refined sand - I wonder if he had some wonderful gravel for desert? XD
  2. 9 points

    3 Months later, still abuse from Moderators....

    Excues me, say what? So your going to leave because you got told off for the right right reasons? and your complaining about it?! wow...
  3. 9 points

    Dinner with Jamie

    You'll never remember a hangover....
  4. 9 points

    Dinner with Jamie

    Ummm, wtf. When was that?
  5. 8 points
    World Guarding a whole town is not allowed. It is up to the people in that town to world guard their homes. Just because you come across a town, you cannot claim it and call yourself mayor. If there is a grief, then report it and an Admin or Moderator will resolve it ASAP. Moorhead told you that you could not do that . You claim that you were only stating it and therefore it is an infringement of your freedom of speech. You may have Freedom of Speech, but that does not protect you from the consequences following that said statement eg. Racism, Abuse, cursing and arguing with staff can get you banned. Moorhead saw what you said and did his job by telling you that you could not do that. You proceeded to argue with him, which is against our rules. I don't really blame him for freezing you and killing you because you were getting on his nerves. You then log back in and you threaten Moorhead by saying "You will be hearing from me again". Your "Freedom of Speech" could have prevented this by explaining the situation or you could have been like most and said, "ok, I won't claim the area". Instead your "Freedom of Speech" lead you to argue with Moorhead and threaten him when he was obviously in the right, which breaks 2 of our rules. You then leave and post a blog which does not help you in any way. If there was abuse screenshot it and send it privately to an admin, don't just complain!
  6. 6 points


    Well K2... You would be an amazing addition to the staff. I know you want to turn it down. But this is about JR and JR could really use you. If I had the choice... You would be it.
  7. 6 points

    Some about me and my time with JR

    *thumbs up if you read the whole of this* Joke Anyway, I'm glad you have been a part of JR
  8. 5 points

    Staff Age limit?

    Please guys, be patient as we are discussing this, staff and I. XD why in the world is this getting posted for a fifth time? Anyway to answer your question, c+ gets mob disguise, blockdoor, hats, region flags, and clan creating permissions
  9. 5 points

    This Might be GoodBye

    Way to pull at the heartstrings, man!
  10. 5 points

    Well originally...

    *about why I'll be missing an additional. Expect a "I'm back again!" topic next week. -Carter 'Armdys' (Sorry for finishing post but I accidentally posted it before I finished and can't edit it from iPod.)
  11. 5 points

    3 Months later, still abuse from Moderators....

    Rexx I am sorry you want to leave. I know you have been away for a while. As US citizen you can enjoy freedom of speech ...as a JR citizen you don't get to argue with staff. Most know not to argue with Moorhead to begin with. I believe he could have handled that another way ....but when your on this end of arguments all day ...you will find the best end for you. I hope you will reconsider leaving JR. I am glad to see you made it back from over seas safely.
  12. 5 points

    3 Months later, still abuse from Moderators....

    I was there when this happened... well I wasn't like LOOKING at the village you claimed, but if there was an issue with you stating that you'd claim it, I assume it wasn't an NPC village. At first, moor was just informing you of the rules. If you didn't build it, you shouldn't claim it as your own, no matter how "abandoned" it seems. And I'm not going to speak for anyone on this, but the way you were stating your intentions made it sound like you've already claimed it. Multiple times you said "I am the mayor of this place" Not "I wish to be the mayor" or "May I claim this?" with how you worded things, it was easy to mis-interpret what you intended. As Jack said, this really wasn't really abuse so much as it was moor dealing with what you did or intended to do. ALSO as Jack said, you got on the bad side of moor. He nor anyone appreciates sarcastic responses to everything... I'm sorry for any misunderstanding that there may have been. P.S. You picked the perfect section. This kind of thing belongs in a blog
  13. 5 points

    1.4 is gonna suck!

    Remember that these are snapshots, start complaining and mojang will scrap some things!
  14. 5 points

    [Explicit] Video Games and Education

    Same here. Human nature these days is starting to show more than it ever has. Hence all the trashy families coming up that do not care about anyone else, but worst of all, they don't even care about themselves!!!!!!! (Sorry for showing my anger.) I do program mods and play games, a lot. I'm still an IB honors student. Teachers are becoming as bad as the parents these days. Not caring about anything but their pay check! The sports kids are where most of the bullies come from. They think sports will lead them through their lives, but, it does not work that way. Sports require a knowledge of math and science as well. Even if you meet the requirements for the professional sports, only a select handful can get official positions! The , "women are succeeding," thing is so false. Both genders are letting their true nature, human nature, show. They both want to get everything for nothing and not care about anything, not even themselves. This is a sad story, and from just these facts, I think Humanity is reaching its last few breaths before it collapses into chaos. Forever.
  15. 5 points

    Am I meant for JR?

    I love that meme, here's one related to it
  16. 5 points

    Am I meant for JR?

    Zola, I didn't get time to talk to you but I have some good news, don't lose hope you applied before the rule came in so it doesn't apply to you!
  17. 4 points

    Development has continued once more on JR!

    I must add that I personally love the new design the colors, Logo placements, the design of the Icons, everything is more appealing as it's 1am my words to describe lacks... but like all I can say Jamie great work to you and whoever is helping with the back end developing it's really coming together and Great to see you back also !! JR Is not the same without you
  18. 4 points

    Thinking of Making a come-back

    Did you know we have re-installed craftbook, you are also able to sit down and there will be more things added to JRLevels soon A lot is coming to JR so stick with us and enjoy. And yeah your right it's RPG, but JRLevels when coupled with JRChallenges will be a whole lot of fun
  19. 4 points

    My Story - Please Read

    I literally have no money left (why I'm looking for a job in town until I leave), but I can at least share that page on Twitter, hopefully someone will see it on Twitter/Facebook and be able to help :\
  20. 4 points

    My Story - Please Read

    Ruku didn't want to do this, but I told him to publish this. I'd like to also support him the best we can. I have personally donated 50€ towards his cause. If you can help him, please donate here: http://pledgie.com/campaigns/19138
  21. 4 points

    Farm Girls are Lazy

    I was hoping you'd make a blog post about this XD. What made it even worse, is that at first glance, they almost looked like they were "participating". Cheering on others! What a great way to build teams! LIES! IT IS ALL LIES! But the teachers don't believe that. They complemented the girls for their positive attitude. (Which, in a sense, might have been useful. No one was enjoying this >_<. But they didn't actually do work at all.) I didn't actually feel like I was doing anything to feed the hungry... the other group got to PICK EDIBLE BEANS!!! What person wants to eat tarp? We found the occasional *cough* yummy *cough* looking squash, but they were... ahem... squashed. By the end, the tarps looked sad and torn up from us rushing. But the girls who didn't help just aren't nice people... at lunch, shark had a sandvich that looked like something jelly like. So I asked: "Jelly or jam?" To him. Then I ask Iggy and Yahoby their preference on spreadable fruit sauces. So after I say "jelly or jam?" for the 4th time, a girl behind me named Jillian "scolds" me and says: "Hey! Would you stop saying that? I think you're saying my name!" We just facepalm. So that's my story and you may lay to that!
  22. 4 points

    3 Months later, still abuse from Moderators....

    I wouldn't Label this as abuse, you most likely just got on the bad side of moorehead,(yes there is one..) and HE can be a little agressive...
  23. 4 points
    k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me


  24. 4 points


    Oh I care - but only because there will probably be some amazing parties that night all over campus (If you get what I'm sayin' XD)!
  25. 4 points

    quick update

    In around 36 hours max we hope
  26. 4 points

    Something About Bullseye

    Whether or not bulls reads this, Not trying to sound mean but I don't care. He put me through too much stress and how he basically wanted to pressurize me in demoting barb made me want to never know him again ....
  27. 4 points

    Well, This Is A Temp Farewell

    lol camp.... "CAMP" "C.A.M.P".... CAAAAAAAAMMMMMMP camp? Cramp? NO CAMP? YOUR CAMP! CAMMPY!!!! What was I talking about?.... Icecream
  28. 4 points


    (to k2trf) I like this post, Never wanna rush into something. That's why I always say that I never want to be an admin i'm happy with what I have now. this don't mean that I don't think you would not be a good helper, I think you would do very well. And (to all members) everyone should know that they can help with the server by making reports (For Grief Only), and listening to staff, and patient with other players and staff. Its really a big help even tho it does not seem like it. Love you all!
  29. 4 points

    Fun With Dan Episode 1 out of 10

    I think I speak for all of us when I say. Dude what the hell.
  30. 4 points

    Log-in, why u no work?!

    Also just so you know. JR encrypts its data highly for your protection
  31. 3 points

    Development has continued once more on JR!

    Looking good ;] .
  32. 3 points

    Algebra - How Society Fails It

    When you goto college and learn semi-practical things, you're going to need this Math. Honestly, I think you should just get with it and learn this stuff. I regret hating Math and not having it as a subject in high school. Its coming back to bite me in my arse at college
  33. 3 points
    k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me


    I used to think people could read my mind.... then I slap them, because if they could read my mind they should have been able to dodge it.
  34. 3 points

    My Story - Please Read

  35. 3 points

    Final bug testing of Trinitology

    I'll try this tomorrow at some point - I think the random fun of actually playing Minecraft as a game might be beneficial to my mental health... XD
  36. 3 points

    Goodbye (hopefully, just for now).

    It will be sad to see you leave, you definitely have helped me loads in the time I have been part of JR so far. I hope one day you are able to return, I'm not sure if I could imagine JR without you Good Luck Tim
  37. 3 points

    Goodbye (hopefully, just for now).

    Aw man... I remember when you were just a little tourist and I was still a little helper. Time flies by fast, huh. I hope everything turns out right for you in the coming future. We couldn't have gone this far without your help. -Roberto Carbonell
  38. 3 points

    Goodbye (hopefully, just for now).

    TIm, you got something special at JR, and to be honest, you're probably one of the most helpful, mature, and trustworthy people here. Please, promise you won't forget JR one little bit. Literally, if you had to tell somebody about JR, don't forget one little detail. Another sad moment, saying good-bye to a fellow staff member. I deeply hope you come back eventually, and good luck with your future life. -Alex
  39. 3 points

    Prank Wars (Just like mindcrack!)

    You'd have to ask @Jamie if this would be allowed - it seems borderline griefing/stealing to me.
  40. 3 points


    I should make a topic about memes all about the helper rank
  41. 3 points
    And yet another reason why I don't like the country I live in. Sadly, Moving completely out of the country probably won't solve my problems either. People like this should not be treated this way, and the US Government needs to stop treating Copyright holders like they're gods. They are nobodies, just trying to rape everyone so that they can make money in a time when no one else can!
  42. 3 points


    Oh no. We must flee! Evacuate! Women and children first! Aww screw it, I'm blasting away! It's the IGGY RAGE!
  43. 3 points

    Something About Bullseye

    I like pie and in no way is this comment contributing towards this discussion but yet... Its the most entertaining
  44. 3 points

    What life entails

    hey dude, I'm happy you are using JR to explain your feelings, I hope it makes you feel better that there is always someone who will listen here. I haven't been around to talk to you a lot latley because of england, because of the attacks on JR and more. But I'm glad you can understand. Recently you have become one of the important people in my lives, a friend, a brother and one of my family. I hope soon that we can meet chill out and have a laugh. I have really missed the time that we had together everyday while I was at school when I had a break and just played xbox, it was you that made me feel better after a bad day. Especially when I was bullied. You were there, you helped me and you made me feel calm and relaxed. I'm really sorry that you lost your brother before you met him. I'm sure if he is watching you he is smiling at you right now saying god he grew up good and probably wishes he could have had you there. If you ever need to talk to me you have my email and I'll get back to you as soon as time permits, I'll try and make time but it's real hard right now especially with work hours as well. Anyway gotta go, but mate your a big part of my life, don't you forget that and if your upset remember I'm there always. (anyway enough gay talk I feel like a walking v*ge see ya soon bro, )
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